Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ramsgate First, Margate Second

I see the Arsonists are now clamouring for their own teeny-tiny council, following the success of the Ramsgate First campaign for a miniscule municipality over here in the Ile's premier megalopolis.

If Margate are successful too, we'll all have some significant improvements to look forward to, judging by the impressive achievements of Boredstares Town Council, which is already up and running. Here's what the Dickensians have been up to according to their latest annual report:

● Installed fairy lights
● Narrowed their already narrow streets
● Moved their office from upstairs in Pierremont Hall to, er, downstairs in Pierremont Hall.

And all that for only £237,038!

And there are yet more exciting projects in the pipeline - just take a look at their upcoming agenda!


Anonymous said...

The lights are lovely. And before Justin puts his twopence in, they are for everyone.

Anonymous said...

The lights are very nice, well worth the extra 8% on the rates!

tony flaig bignews said...

Your just so damn negative, these piss pot doolittle councils are very popular, so popular that our own TDC and 11 other District Councils have signed surrender terms with Kent County Tories, I believe that in return for their loyalty to Maidstone they will be allowed to retain their expenses and parking places.

Hurray for Margate! I look forward to the day when we have a whole new tier of self-important do nothing councillors.

ron councillor said...

Excuse me Mr Flaig but I do quite a lot. At the moment, for example, I'm lobbying for a £10K-£20K golden handshake for retiring, like they're getting in Scotland.

Anonymous said...

And the library service is having to shed around some serious jobs because of the budget this year....wonder how many failed attempts at regeneration that'll pay for?

tony flaig bignews said...
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tony flaig bignews said...

Question for Ron Councillor what is the best route if one was interested in getting ones snout in to the municipal trough (as a councillor) and what could one expect in the way of perks apart from free parking in Mill Lane car park and universal admiration of Thanetonians. Just curious

ron councillor said...

Tony - are you thinking of standing as an independent or as part of a party machine? Most independents are carried through by single issue politics, so what's your single issue?

As for the trough, there are expenses and the odd knees-up, and of course some backhanders if you're that way inclined (I'm not), but you have to balance that with the endless boring meetings and petty infighting.

It would be good to see some fresh blood in our council, though. Currently it reminds me of Dad's Army.