Saturday, February 24, 2007

Barretts Homes

Fat Kev, my security manager, was only yesterday bemoaning the fact that he couldn't find an executive home in Margate. Now, it seems, his prayers are to be answered.

A regular in one of the more gruesome back street pubs told him that Barretts Soft Drinks in Tivoli Road have quietly shut up shop, with the factory site due to be handed over to the developers. It seems the fizz has gone out of the fizz biz.

No wonder FK seemed a bit bubblier today. I must ask my accountant how much I'm paying him.


Anonymous said...

Probably not enough

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well according to Fat Kev I've got him on the minimum wage - £18.75 per hour. Is that right?

Anonymous said...

sandy beach is on that a second
poor old fat kev

Justin Brown said...

If he's fat, you're paying him too much!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Actually Fat Kev is an epithet which he applies to himself. I think he feels it adds weight to his status in his chosen profession. And with a diet that appears to consist entirely of what's on offer at Peter's Fish Factory, washed down with copious quantities of Guinness, his status continues to grow on an almost daily basis!