Friday, April 09, 2010

East Of The Wantsum

The pace at Babestation is getting to me I'm afraid. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep it up until 6 May. I've barely got the strength left to put this week's EotW on the blog (click it to big it).

Thanks for all the suggestions for ECR's Candidate Question Time. After a few seconds deliberation, I'm going to go with my original questions. Not that there weren't some crackers from you lot, it's just that I really want to pin the buggers down to three clear points. And they also happen to be the points that interest me most.

Now, where did I put those blue pills?


Anonymous said...

Sorry if I go a little off topic here but:

What makes me cross is that none of the three main parties have said anything much about the need for tax and welfare reform in this country. Clearly, none like the idea of being the nasty party.

According to Sunday Telegraph figures printed right after the budget the other week, this country now spends £196 billion on welfare in all its forms - but not including, as far as I could tell, old age pensions. This staggering sum is more than the national debt and is about £70 billion more than the cost of the NHS. Education and Defence respectively take up £50 billion and £40 billion (not enough in my opinion).

On the income side, the govt receives £146 billion in income tax, and £25 billion each, more or less, from council tax and business rates.

It doesn't take a master mathemitician to work out that those three forms of taxation added together equal that spend on welfare.

There are some very simple solutions here. Abolish all welfare payments and income tax and the country will have £50 billion over to pay off some of its debts. There will be little or no need for tax collectors (yippee) and thereby you will also eliminate tax and benefit frauds - simply because they will no longer exist. The government will also have the added benefit of being able to cut thousands of civil service jobs and save even more money.

The long term unemployable/unemployed will have all the incentive they need to find work, or if they choose not to bother, they can carry on in their old way without incurring public expense.

Importantly, we would no longer have the situation where people avoid work because they can get more money from handouts. Illegal immigrants would no longer see Britain as a soft touch and would decide to stay in their own countries. No more disgruntled middle class wondering why they bother to work to support the skivers either.

Piece of cake really!

Disgruntled member of middle classes

Another disgruntled middle classer said...

I take your point but surely part of the reason for welfare and benefits is to keep the scummers from pestering us. If you take their handouts away how long would it be before they are rioting in the street and looting or burning down our beautiful houses or pouring paint stripper all over our Audis?

Anonymous said...

It would be no more than you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Make poverty history

Cheaper drugs now !!

You shit on our heads

But you pay your taxes

Love Frank Gallagher XXX

PS Thank you DMC's for making it profitable for us to breed. Every new kid we brew we get a benefits increase. You know it makes sense.

Best way to save money is to abolish skules. What use is education when there are no jobs ?

Peace and Good will from Frank (Were they your blue pills ECR .. accidentally swigged them down with the pint of lager I bummed off you by laughing at your jokes in the Nag's Head you twat)

Anonymous said...

Off topic again, but did you notice how the only plane out of manston this weekend over ramsgste took off at 2330 yesterday? 48 hours to pick from and it takes off past the watershed. Approve night flights at your peril tdc.

Perhaps the lack of activity had something to do with manston stalwart mk airline which has curled it's toes up once more, this time for good.

Anonymous said...

The third of your pictures, ECR, is that Roger Gale's bitch?

Richard Eastcliff said...

No, it's his dog. Ba-da-boom!

Anonymous said...

I asked Steve Ladyman if he intended to visit the new cliftonville wards prior to the election in order to answer questions about what he would plan to do to help the long term residents problems. Yes, Im aware there would be few printable questions thanks to the high % of great unwashed in the area who might actually be coherent beyond their alcoholic or drug riddled stupor. No reply as yet and we are now wondering is the man actually out and about in his area at all?

Anonymous said...

Has Laura visited yet?

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