Monday, April 19, 2010

Don't Waste Your Vote On The Lib Dems

Well, I never thought I'd hear myself saying that! Regular readers will know I've got a yellow streak a mile wide, but the quality of the local Cleggies has been shown to be woefully lacking.

I'm not just being petty and peevish (moi?) because neither the norf nor sarf candidates have bothered to respond to my Election Question Time. Or because I had a falling out with one of their local organisers. It's just I'm used to the London Lib Dems, who actually care about their local communities. The Thanet dynamic duo have just been parachuted in as far as I can see. Peter Buttlick [Not sure that's the correct spelling - Ed], the candidate here in the trendy south of the island, couldn't even be bothered to turn up less than 90 minutes late to the only hustings I've been aware of so far.

Perhaps they're basking in the national, widescreen glow of their glorious leader's forehead and don't feel the need to actually campaign here. But it's going to make it a difficult choice for me. Labour or Tory? Yikes!

Tomorrow I'll reveal the responses from those candidates who did get off their backsides and pen me a missive. Nighty-night!

Update: I've just received this email from top Thanet Lib Dem Bill Furness:

Dear Richard,

I have just read your blog regarding the Liberal Democrats, I and many of our members have been knocking on hundreds of doors for the past year, sorry we have not called on you yet, we have a few more thousands to go, we do not have the millions being poured into the area from a Millionaire who does not pay taxes to this country or the millions from Trade unions, we are genuinely the party of the people, I can assure you Richard that we are determined to win as many votes as we can in Thanet and the rest of the Country, it is up to the people to decide as to whom they trust to run the Country, we could win seats here in Thanet, we just do not have the resources like the other parties to buy votes and to flood the area with literature, election day will tell.

Kind regards
Bill Furness


Anonymous said...

Well said Bill!

The Rock said...

Kind of ironic to see the Lib Dems working so hard for their local man when one of their former MPs, Bill Pitt, is reported in Kent News as calling on South Thanet Lib Dems to vote for the Labour candidate. Now is that belief in your party or simply a case of back stabbing the candidate. Doesn't show much faith either in the Clegg revival!

Anonymous said...

ECR you cretin

The real Rebecca said...

I think it's unfair to suggest that ECR is just a cretin.

He's also a lazy, workshy, badly educated, sexually defective, ugly, scummy loser with delusions of grandeur stuck in a tiny little world which he seems to regard as fascinating.

Richard Eastcliff said...

La la, sticks and stones.

Louisa Latham said...

Hi Richard,

Fancy putting your money where your mouth is and joining some of us South Thanet Lib Dems for some leaflet deliveries in the coming couple of weeks?

Interim Chair
South Thanet Liberal Democrats

Anonymous said...

Louisa, why would he want to help someone who doesn't even bother replying to his emailed questions?

Louisa Latham said...

Hi there,

I've spoken to Peter about this and he assures me he will respond to this today, albeit after the deadline.



Richard Eastcliff said...

I've had a response from Peter now.

I'm deciding whether to include it. After arriving 90 minutes late to the hustings in Broadstairs, and responding two days late to my email, is there any guarantee that, if elected, he would turn up in time for the opening of parliament?!?!!

Louisa Latham said...

We can only apologise.

As you are no doubt aware, Peter was late to that hustings due to traffic on return from an exhibition key to his business in Birmingham. Unfortunately as somebody who is full-time self-employed he does not have the same amount of time to dedicate to his campaign as the incumbent or Laura Sandys.

Our team is also small, which is why I was interested to find out if that "mile wide" yellow streak of yours would motivate you to help us!

Thanks again,


Richard Eastcliff said...

I suspect the best help I can give you is to tell people not to vote for you on my blog!