Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10,000 Bikers Party In Margate!

No, not our Margate, silly! Margate in South Africa! Click on the pic for more.

Nonetheless I will be getting the chance to squeeze into my leather gear and give my old throbber a right royal thrashing with the return of Margate (Kent) Meltdown next month. This will be the third year that a couple of hundred bikers have hogged out from the Ace Cafe on London's North Circular to spend a wet weekend on the Kent coast with the specific intention of making Tony Flaig and one or two Westgate nonagenarians nervous.

I'll admit that I look more Village Person than Hairy Biker in my outfit, but at least I fit in with the rest.

And staying with Margate (Kent) (as featured on the, er, Visit Japan website), twatter has been virtually full to bursting today with previews of all the fun planned for Our Lady of the Soiled Bedsheet's visit. Tomorrow she'll be dining with the twitterati at the Walpole Bay Hotel, and then on Friday she's unveling her 'I never stopped loving you' neon on Droit House in the harbour. There's a special late night shopping extravaganza laid on in the old town too, so be there or, um, be somewhere else.

Well I think that's all the Margate news for now, so I'm off to do my Babestation shift. Following Gordo's gaffe at Mrs Duffy's gaff today, I'll be prodding around the corridors of power with my live mic to see what I can pick up!


Anonymous said...

When the bikers came last year it was a lovely day and they were all very friendly. I was surprised to find a few Afro-Caribbean and Chinese bikers among them too. I welcome them and their generous wallets back to Margate with open arms - well somebody's got to!

Anonymous said...

Have you always thought of bikers as an exclusively white bunch, then?
Or is it because they don't wash, and you can't tell their nationality until you get close to them?
Still, no matter their roots, if they're spending wonga, eh?

Good to see the crass divide is still alive and kicking!

Anonymous 7.03 again said...

I'd rather have the bikers in Margate any day than that crude so-called artist who can't be bothered to make her bed and has persuaded people to think that a one-liner in pink neon tubing is the answer to all Margate's problems. I may have been surprised but was really pleased to see that some of our smaller ethnic groups were represented among the bikers and wish them every success.

denplan said...

Can't see why non wasps riding bikes was such a surprise either.

Tracy may not be your cup of tea but she will bring publicity to Margate as no other person could, I imagine

ascu75 aka Don said...

All Mods and Rockers today well Rockers anyway. I an with Denplan on the Tracey thing I think it will be good for Margate.