Friday, April 16, 2010

Least Of The Wantsum

With all the effort I'm putting into my nightly excursions on Babestation, I didn't have the energy to do a strip this week. So don't bother buying the Gazunder, I'm not in it. Not even a placeholder saying I'll be back next week. Yes, I am that pathetic that I bought it just to look for that.

As I don't get paid for my Gazundery artistic endeavours, I'm seriously wondering whether it's worth carrying on. Unless anyone out there fancies sponsoring it? A crisp 50er a week would do nicely!

Other election news, and I've now received three responses to my survey of Thanet candidates. Laura Sandys, Roger Gale and Mike Britton (Lab candidate for Fannit Norf) have all pitched in. So far, though, nothing from the UKIPs, Lib Dems or former Sarf Fannit incumbent Dr Ladychap. Perhaps he's too busy glad handing the Newington natives with Glenys Kinnock to be bothered.

Update: I've now received a response from Dr Ladyman. I've also been, er, fake handbagged by a *@%&ing comment spammer, so you'll have to put those silly words into the verification box for the time being if you want to leave your two penn'orth.

The below have until midday on Monday to respond:

Peter Bucklitsch (Lib Dem South Thanet)
Trevor Shonk (UKIP South Thanet)
Tim Garbutt (Ind Green South Thanet)
Laura Murphy (Lib Dem North Thanet)
Rosamund Parker (UKIP North Thanet)


louis vuitton spring summer 2010 collection said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Richard Eastcliff said...

Shove your fake handbags up your jacksie.

The Rock said...

Now that's telling 'em. Well said, Richard.

Michael Child said...

I got handbagged at dawn too Richard, very irritating.

But for goodness sake not the retched word verification, grrr.

louis vuitton spring summer 2010 collection said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ascu75 aka Don said...

I have been Handbagged as well all over me blog. How is the election stuff going? I had two posters delivered this morning from Roger one addressed to our son and one to my wife I am still waiting for mine. I am off to check to see if I have been handbagged again byeeeeee

Michael Child said...

Me too Don. Richard did you have word verification on when it happened?

Richard Eastcliff said...

Yes I did Michael.

This is the spam blog here, which is the source of these nuisance comments.

I suggest both you and Don (and anyone else who knows us) get over there right now and use the 'Report Abuse' button at the top of the screen. You're then taken to a page where you can quickly and anonymously report it for spam.

That's what I did. After leaving a very satisfyingly offensive comment!

Michael Child said...

Done Richard

Richard Eastcliff said...

Thanks Michael.

Let's hope Blogger reacts swiftly, although I'm not holding my breath!

puffinman said...

Done & dusted.