Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thanet Election Question Time - Tory

Next, Laura Sandys, the Tory candidate for Thanet South:

1. Do you support repealing the ban on foxhunting?
NO I would not support the re-introduction of fox hunting.

2. Do you support night flights from Manston airport?
No I do not support night flights from or to Manston

3. What is the single most effective measure you would support to reduce crime, unemployment and deprivation on the island?
There is no one single measure that can reduce all these really pressing issues on the isle but employment and education is the key to success, with much more beat policing to prevent crime. I have as a candidate launched two specific projects that aim to increase jobs in the area – a tourism initiative to promote our out of season historical tourism and I also hosted a Marine Energy summit in Ramsgate bringing here a significant number of investors from the marine energy sector not least a major turbine manufacturer. I believe that we have to work extremely hard to secure more jobs in the area and having already started as a candidate I would really welcome the opportunity to take these and other initiatives forward if I was elected as the Member of Parliament.


The Rock said...

What is all the nonsense about a fox hunting ban. Fox hunting still goes on, in case people hadn't noticed, and under the appallingly bad piece of legislation introduced to ban it by the present government, there has not been one successful prosecution. Hence, the question should not be about supporting the re-introduction of fox hunting but more about reviewing the existing useless legislation introduced by a useless government pandering to its class warfare division. It is nothing to do with preventing cruelty to foxes at all as it stands.

Anonymous said...

foxes ehhhhhhh. I like a foxy minx

Anonymous said...

So what is she going to do to persuade her gung-ho colleagues on TDC that a 24 hour free-for-all at Manston whouldn't be authorised? Sorry Laura. Collective responsibility and all that. You are collectively responsible for what these t*ss*rs do.