Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thanet Election Question Time - Labour

OK, let's start with the Labourites. First off, Michael Britton, the Labour candidate for Thanet North. There's no copyright-free photo of him on the web, and not even a dickie bird about him on the Labour Party website here.

Mike's answers were:

1. Do you support repealing the ban on foxhunting?

2. Do you support night flights from Manston airport?

3. What is the single most effective measure you would support to reduce crime, unemployment and deprivation on the island?
Work with the community to assist them in reducing the problem

Next up, Steve Ladyman.


MIke said...

I found a brief bio on him here:


Some strange claims there, and he must must know he's on a loser anyway.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Yes, I omitted to mention that if you click on his photo it takes you to the interview with him.

malaprop said...

I hope he did not spend to long thinking of his answers.

Anonymous said...

He seems to give up easily, and thinks it is the community which has to solve the problems brought about by central government policy.


Strangely he has spent time, he says, oppsong US corporate punsihment! Don't those corporations deserve punishing, like Enron for example?