Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thanet Election Question Time - Labour

Here are Dr Steve Ladyman's responses (in case you didn't know, he's the Labour candidate for Thanet South):

1. Do you support repealing the ban on foxhunting?
No. I strongly support the ban.

2. Do you support night flights from Manston airport?
No. I oppose night flights and changes to the operation of the airport that would damage the quality of local life. I strongly want the airport to succeed but don't believe night flights are required for this to happen.

3. What is the single most effective measure you would support to reduce crime, unemployment and deprivation on the island?
Job creation. Reducing unemployment - and getting local people into those jobs by getting them the skills and training they need to do so - would begin a process of forcing up local income levels. This would impact not only on deprivation but crime and even health outcomes. That is why I have always prioritised job creation and attracting inward investment and will continue to do so if re-elected.

Tomorrow - the Tories!


Anonymous said...

The trouble is that people won't work if they don't want to.
We spent months advertising for support staff in Ramsgate and the number of applicants we got was pitiful. Most of them were clearly not suited or even showed good reason why they were maybe considering a career change. They were obviously fulfilling their obligations as a 'Jobseeker' but without thought or passion.
I expected to be inundated with worthy applicants. I was wrong.
You can lead a horse to water etc.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree.You only have to go in the "Gateway "in Margate(which combines the TDC housing benefits etc with the KCC Libray)to see the same groups of rowdy youths,swearing and causing trouble,sitting on the free internet access most of the day,with no intention of getting a job,and no one seems to be able to do anything about it.They should be made to do community service to get their benefits,this might make them have some sense of team work,and give them a reason to get up and be useful.

The Rock said...

Well, so Stephen is going to work for more jobs in Thanet. Wonder what he has been doing for the last thirteen years for the quality ones over that period seem to have reduced. Just compare the average salary in Thanet with the average for South East England and you'll find we are closer to that of Anglesey, the worst paid county in the UK. If it was a school report I think Stephen would be facing the dreaded "must do better!!!"

Anonymous said...

In defence of the feckless I must advise that I employed a couple of them a few years ago and it worked out just fine - they're actually pretty good, much to their surprise. And long may they remain in my employ for they are far more loyal than the job hungary.

Anonymous said...

Whether you agree with these comments or not Stephen Ladyman must be quite encouraged that he is winning your poll

Grahame said...

Giving those that are capable of work, but have been unsuccessful in finding it, some kind of community duties, would probably result in a good few redundancies for current Council employees.
They would, however, unless they found alternative employment, end up doing the same job, but for considerably less money.

Something to ponder, for those who pay Council tax.

Maybe 'clearing up after everyone else' would be a good platform for launching people into the 'useful member of society-osphere'?
Could it help a sizeable proportion of our community to appreciate how uncomfortable their mess makes the rest of us feel?
Would it make at least some unemployed feel that, if they have to do this work for their 'benefit', they'd be as well to try their hand at something which would better reflect their abilities?
Why should any of us just bimble through life at the labour and expense of everyone else, if there's no good reason why we can't participate, ourselves?

malaprop said...

I agree so strongly with the idea of community service. I understand that there can be good reasons for claiming income support or job seekers, but there are a substantial number of people who just can't be arsed. They should be obliged to do something for the money, whether that be keeping the streets they live on clean, picking up dog mess, cleaning graffiti etc etc. The argument that it would cost more to police holds no water as you could simply give some of them supervisory responsibility. It's all a bit of a joke at the moment.