Monday, October 05, 2009

Town Council Meeting Tonight

Dickie just rang me from the Actors' Convalescent Home in Bournemouth to remind me to remind you that there is a meeting of the new Ramsgate Town Council tonight at 7pm at Albion House. They also have a new website which you can visit here.

I gather they will be discussing topics such as next year's Ramsgate Arts Festival and the proposal from Infratil to fly 747s over the town all night into and out of Manston. Not many people realise that although the headline proposal talks about an extra 90 minutes' night flying, the actual request is for a quota system that will allow a certain number of planes to fly ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT!! Infratil have cleverly omitted to say in their request just how many planes that will be, so if it is agreed it could technically be an infinite number.

Unfortunately I will be staying in and washing my hair otherwise I would pop along and tell the council to get a new logo. I mean look at it. The guy on the left looks as if he is wearing a whale foreskin, while the chap on the right in the sailor suit looks like he's just had a halibut shoved up his jacksie. Surely they could have found some better models for the thing?



Anonymous said...

TDC have so far failed in their duty to ensure a fair consultation process takes place.

Here we are, almost two months from the request and they are still pissing around drawing up a consultation plan.

Why would they even entertain an application that has no parameters in it?

In my humble legal opinion, I'd say any consultation on the current application will have to be followed up with a further 6 month consultation once the night quota is agreed.

Sorry, if a night quota is agreed.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to login Steve.

Anonymous said...

you tell porkies there is no
Actors' Convalescent Home in Bournemouth

Tell us where he is

Samantha Clarke said...

You are quite right. I was protecting his anonymity, Anon.

I remember my Mum used to look after Terry-Thomas who spent his last days at an old elephants' home in Margate with Parkinsons until he was rediscovered and relocated to somewhere better in Surrey after a fundraiser. The poor chap was practically a vegetable she said, but could still shake a great cocktail.

Anonymous said...

A quick update on the RTC meeting tonight:

- All round disgust that Matt Clarke from Infratil refuses to meet with the council when Ramsgate is the town that will be most affected by his outrageous plans for all-night flying in and out of Manston. Decided that RTC would press ahead for a public meeting but with a TDC representative instead. Most likely that will be Brian White (He's Full of Shite).

- Excellent presentation by the ladies of the Ramsgate Arts Festival. More power to their elbows.

- Petition presented by Augusta Road residents to introduce seagull-proof refuse bags. This would not be before time as it won't be long before everyone in the street comes down with dysentery at this rate.


Anonymous said...


Lucy Mail said...

Er, aren't an awful lot of Augusta road tenants deliberately located there, to prevent the spread of disease elsewhere?

yogi bear said...

I had email from Cllr Nicholson who is on the Airport working party assuring me that they are fighting to get the consultation process right and that once it starts, it will be the full 6 months.
Needless to say I have kept the email.

Samantha Clarke said...

I was told the consultation has already started.

Quite how it can be a proper consultation when Infratil have failed to quantify how many old cargo 747s they want to fly over us all night is a mystery to me.

Millicent said...

The town coat of arms dates from 1884 when we officially became a town - I quite like it as it reflects our maritime hsitory but maybe other bloggers have a suggestion for a new coat of arms now we have our own town council again?

Anonymous said...

Holding pattern. Old RAF trick and commonplace in politics today: fluster about saying nothing substantive, wait and hope for an opening, or a way out. Long grass stuff, what?!

TDC could sideline RTC in a trice on this one so don't hold your breath.

ascu75 aka Don said...

Richard stop all youur nmulti ID'S and run your blog this is getting boring were you at the meeting and no one knows how many planes there will be coss the aint taken off yet even if they agree a quota it wont matter unless the planes are needed to bring stuff in or deliver stuff

Anonymous said...

Don = NOB

Anonymous said...

Don you are no good at playing Ironside so why don't you give up? Jeez give me Stephen Hawking any day! Even Christopher Reeve would be better than this.

Samantha Clarke said...

I don't think it's very fair to pick on Don because of his special circumstances, 12:31. For all you know he might be the Columbo of Thanet, so please put a sock in it.