Monday, October 05, 2009

Government Legalises Shooting Immigrants

Good morning my lovelies. I do hope you all had a smashing weekend. No you are not having a waking nightmare in which the BNP have taken control of the country, it's all about the hoo-ha in the papers over the government's decision to allow Green Parakeets to be culled.

We have quite a sizeable population of these birds here in Ramsgate and I for one find them an attractive addition to the landscape. Certainly they are more attractive and much less trouble than the indigenous white population, haha I'm talking about the seagulls there. They also seem to be very hard workers and much less likely to live off hand outs i.e bin bags than the locals. Please do not misunderstand me I am not being racist and I think it's a good thing that all the jobs created here in Thanet eg Thanet Earth, Manston Airport, China Gateway etc etc go to foreigners as they are much more industrious than the local dross who just moan all the time and look as if they spend most of their day pissed or banging six inch nails into walls with their deformed foreheads.

The decision has apparently been called racist and 'eco-xenophobic' by somebody at Sheffield Hallam University (that doesn't sound like a real university, does it? Probably one of those jumped up polytechnics.) Anyway you can look at that story from Saturday's Telegraph by clicking here.



JP said...

Can we cull unmarked 747's as well? I could have hit one with my boy's catapult last night, it flew so low, and it looked in such a state of disprepair that a catapult might well have been all that it would take.

Anonymous said...

I'm near Le Touquet and a very low noisy plane passed over here last night, very odd, maybe it was the same one .... it certainmy wasn't going to our little airport.

Anonymous said...

About four years ago I was very amused to hear that a Thanet based sandwich delivery company operated two or three vans - and gave each one the codename of parakeet one, two and three respectively.

These birds are now part of the scenery - or not as the case maybe as they can hide in the trees quite easily.

I would sooner see more pigeons being culled myself. They aren't known as flying rats for nothing!

Anonymous said...

Love the parrots, add a bit of more colour to the autumn.
Feel free to kill the scavaging gulls.

Lucy Mail said...

These parakeets are very pretty birds, with a distinctive call that adds to their charm.
Quite the exotic looking sub-tropical bird.

Only we don't live in the sub-tropics!

One of the paticularly cute things that they do is to rip as many buds from tree branches as they can, as Spring approaches.
Maybe they do this for fun, or maybe they have the more sinister purpose of preventing the growth of something that they'd have trouble hiding amongst. It's hard to say but, with their pretty little hooked bills, they do a damned efficient job of it.
They are also rather aggressive (but, but they look so sweet and friendly!) and are having quite an impact on the population of our indiginous birdlife.
I've also heard reports of squirrels being raped and molested, but I'm fairly sure that that's just conjecture!

I, for one, will be straight off down to the head shop, in Harbour Street, today, to purchase one of those nasty looking crossbows and shoot up some green!

Happy hunting!

Anonymous said...

quote: "such a state of disprepair"
Can you give an example? Or was it merely dirty?