Friday, October 16, 2009

Arse Gripe

Just back from a wonderful session with Amelie, my super esthetician. It's amazing what a skin peel can do for a girl, I feel like a new woman :-)

She's having a spot of bother with the council though. Something to do with business rates, so I said I'd look into it for her. My oh my, their website has changed! And being a woman, the first thing that caught my eye on the front page was a link to 'Thanet Decorative and Fine Arts Society - Does my Bum look Big in This?', a lecture at St Peter's Church Hall on 19 November. Curious, I clicked through for details, but the only extra info I could find was 'After the lecture, tea and biscuits is served'. Grammar aside, it struck me that this could only lead to the conclusion that bums certainly would be looking bigger after the event.

Sadly it's all very reminiscent of the late Mr Clarke, who tragically died of food poisoning a few years ago. Not that we were very close. His little joke, whenever I asked him 'Does this make my bum look big', was to say 'No darling, your bum makes that look big.' I can't say I miss him much.


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