Saturday, October 17, 2009

Swell Party

Oops, silly me! I was trying to turn comments off last night so that Peter the Onanist from Westgate couldn't wipe his wad off on my blog in between midnight knuckle-shuffling, and I appear to have taken the entire thing offline. Sorry.

Reader Gary has sent me these rather grainy photos taken on his camera phone at Broadstairs jetty last night. He says that, despite it not being an especially high tide, there was a strong northerly blowing and most of the jetty was awash. The cars in the picture were being slammed into each other by the force of the waves apparently. A number of people had gathered to gawp at the scene, and Gary adds that there was quite a party atmosphere.

It does make me wonder why anyone would buy a beach front property such as Royal Sands. And as Margate was probably taking the brunt of it, I dread to think what state the Kunstbunker construction site is in this morning. Anyhow, here are a few more of Gary's photos. Sxx.


Anonymous said...

I would like to thank Micheal for his one crusade against the madness of the Royal Sands development .

In the haste to push forward this ill concieved and as usual for Thanet crooked back hander development a half finished jerry built slum will be put there.

What is becoming clear is the development will stick up above cliff level ruining the view from the Cresent above and contravening its listed status . At the moment drawings are being cheated to squash it below the line slightly with ceiling heights being falsified to get it through. When built it will be the , Oh yeah we had to change that too late now".

Any solictor doing a search will discover that it is being built below the recommendations of the Environment Agency current reports and will probably be uninsurable .

Who will ignore this to buy a £220,000 one bedroom flat that TPs are currently trying to sell them at off plan ? . Recently there have been cases of off plan purchasers being forced to pay for unfinished and worthless properties to Honour there original contract.

The development has no merit or value , will probably end up being a cheap housing association problem tenant block as nobody else will literally bail it out.

As with most things in Thanet it defies logic ,
a purpose built maritime museum ,outdoor lido and good play area would serve the community better and revitalise Ramsgate not building slums to make the usual suspects a little bit richer.

The pictures of the water level show what we already know that this scheme should be dead in the water

Gary said...

And who in their right mind is going to buy a flat in the development the council are flogging at the old shelter next to Eagle House in Viking Bay? The water was almost up to the beach huts last night and it was only a 5.1. 5.5 is not unknown.

Anonymous said...

The council are so busy trying to sell the jewels in their crown regardless they own them or not (Northdown House} they stand to ruin what is good about the area .

If they want to build crap housing build it on the cabbage fields out towards Westwood . They might not own the land, but they will significantly benefit from people paying council tax, quite a novelty as most recent residents Margate and Clitonville pay neither .

Can anyone name a new build granted planning permission that is not awful to look at and lashed together ? . Look at the quality of the building of 100 years ago that makes Thanet interesting and attractive to live in . This not being matched now and is detracting from making it a nice place to live. Good design and build quality is not just about cost it is about caring.
A good consultant architect should be used to give professional guidance on new build schemes to ensure our legacy is not more mediocre buildingfro short term gain.

I agree with the first post that a public space and Maritime museum would be ideal for the site , although the pigs ear the council made of the Turner Centre suggests that they are too useless to get such a project off the ground.

Michael Child said...

Frankly I am more worried now about the safety of the people living in it than how it effects our view.

Anonymous said...

ECR - you must at least look at this from time to time. Can we have a rest from this bird now? Get your arse off that commode and get back to blogging. Samantha love - I'm sure you did your best....

Anonymous said...

I dunno, anyone that can keep Lucy & Peter away can't be that bad!

Samantha Clarke said...

Clearly my best is not good enough for you 8:30pm, but then as we don't know who you are it's unlikely we'll ever get to see what your 'best' looks like.

Nonetheless you may be pleased to hear that Rich is now back at his 'cliff top mansion' with his foot up and is hoping to be fit enough to return to the blog soon.

Anonymous said...