Friday, October 16, 2009

More Clots In Broadstairs

Ooh, I forgot to mention. On my way back from Amelie, I had to go to Broadstairs. What on earth are they doing in Albion Street? As if the traffic arteries in the town weren't narrow enough, they're closing them off for yet another eight weeks to make them even narrower. That's about the tenth time this year. At this rate only Victoria Beckham will be able to squeeze through their streets.

My advice - avoid Broadstairs like the plague until after Christmas.



Anonymous said...
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Samantha Clarke said...

Hello Haggis Taster!

I must say as my grandmother was Scottish I have tasted the stuff and found it to be most pleasant on the palate. However I have had to alter your comment slightly as I would not want the owner of this blog to get into any trouble with the libel police although I suspect you know the people you mentioned and were probably having a bit of a laugh. Here it is again with the names removed (I have kept them though for future reference):

You want to get onto Kent Highways Mr ---- ----- at Ashford depot what a weasel he is but he will get that sign and others around Ramsgate taken away as the Inspector Mr ---- is usually scivving in Costa Coffee ot westwood cross!

And here is the address for your excellent haggis blog: