Thursday, July 09, 2009

Lights, Camera, Ramsgate!

Don't be surprised if you bump into a film crew in the Millionaires' Playground over the next couple of weekends. The lovely ladies at Ramsgate Arts Festival will be out and about shooting for their upcoming exhibition: Love, Hate, Hope Ramsgate. They tell me they'll be aiming to interview Ramsgatonians, Thanetians, DFLs, and anyone else they can grab hold of about what they, er, love, hate or hope for the town.

The film will be shown at a high street venue from 13-15 August and who knows, as Ramsgate's foremost, best loved and most popular resident I may just be persuaded to drop my secret identity and parade the old chiselled features in front of the lens! For more details email or follow this link to


Anonymous said...

Well done them. Good idea.

Anonymous said...

Error 404 ecr. The link does not work?

Jeremy Dent said...

Wise to get the link live as Anonymous says.

You should also moderate anonymous identities out: what's the point of interacting if we don't know who someone is.

A recent High Court judgement has denied bloggers a secret identity.