Monday, July 20, 2009

Falling Standards

Ahem. Yes. Well I realise 'falling standards' could equally apply to my last item. I blame the Stella! But no. What I'm referring to is the above headline on Birchington parish councillor John Worrow's website. And it ain't to do with the fact it makes the average Daily Mail headline look like the snappiest writing since Salman Rushdie's 'naughty but nice' tag for cream cakes.

The story so far. Ramsgate Labour councillor Mark Nottingham reproduces a description on his blog of an airport meeting at which his correspondent describes John Worrow as dressed similarly to, and voting identically to, Tory grandee Roger Latchford OBE 'appearing to be a Mini-Me of his mentor'. This prompts JW to report MN to the standards people. However, after further sniping between our two elected representatives on MW's blog and Chippy Tone's Bignews Margate JW graciously withdraws his complaint on the grounds that it would be a senseless waste of council tax.

Now it transpires the carpet cleaner from Birchington has come up with his own tit-for-tat nickname for the spin doctor from Ramsgate - Pinocchio! In a rant on his Minnis Bay website, he accuses the Labourite of 'spending much of his time in Europe' and adds:

[He] appears to spend too much time on his Blackberry sending back his own edited style of second hand propaganda to Thanet. It would seem that he thinks having a blog to attack people in Thanet is better than being in Thanet.'

Oooh, get her! Seriously, whilst it's undoubtedly entertaining to watch our councillors publicly bash each other over the head with their handbags, it's probably best to take the Mandelson approach and do it behind closed doors with the lights out!

Worrow-bashing on Cllr Nottingham's blog
Nottingham-bashing on Cllr Worrow's blog
Worrow-and-Nottingham-bashing on Chippy Tone's blog


Anonymous said...

Twats, all of them - just clean up the rubbish and work hard to improve things, end of.

Woman of Kent said...

We want real men on the council representing us not wallies

Westgate Old Lady said...

WoK - I quite agree - real men is what we all want. Of course John is a personal friend (and a real man) and he made some very good points at the KIACC meeting. For instance, what on earth would we do with the land if we closed the airport? We need clear thinking politicians like John to drag us out of this mess the Labour council left us in.

Avril said...

As an ex primary school teacher it seems to me that Mr Worrow is emulating some of the less welcome behaviour shown by insecure children in the intake class. Stamping feet, calling names, running to teacher at every available opportunity to report some perceived nastiness (usually unfounded). Grow up Mr Worrow, I do not want to be represented by a five year old at any level of government.

Anonymous said...

Clear thinking WOL?

How is 'what on earth do we do with the airport if it closes?' clear thinking? The airport has never made a profit. It has only created 80 jobs. It is losing £4m a year. It will close, no 'ifs'. Surely clear thinking would entail coming up with a plan B for when it closes?

Jessica Billington said...

Sorry, Westgate Old Lady, all John Worrow did at that meeting,apart from voting against reporting Paul Carter to Standards, was to interruptSteve Higgins in the midst of his comments about the airport. John Worrow said 'What would you do with the airport?' To which Steve Higgins replied 'That's not for me. You are the elected councillors'.

'John will drag us out of the mess Labour left us in'. Come on, the Tories have controlled TDC since 2003 and have done nothing except drag us further into difficulties.

I suspect you must be a relative of Cllr. Worrow or even Cllr. Worrow himself in another guise.

'Clear-thinking'? Didn't he have another political party up for election in 2007 that failed dismally so he then decided he was a Tory after all? Sorry, Independent.

He may be a good friend and a gentleman but neither of those qualities equip anyone for a life at the sharp end of politics.

Stop Manston Expansion Group said...

Jessica, if I had known worrow was partial to such childs play, instead of making him look silly by arguing with him I would have challenged him to a game of hopscotch, or tested his mettle with some chinese burns.

Anonymous said...

The image of John Worrow dressed as an old lady is quite something. Would anyone notice the difference, I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Westgate Old Lady - John is a real man? Are you sure have you tested the goods, do you have any basis for comparison? Do tell.

The_Shed said...

Everytime I read a story about how lax the regions MPs are I get a little more annoyed. Then I think about the amount of tax I pay to keep these fucking morons in a job and I'm just outright incensed. DO SOME FUCKING PROPER WORK YOU FUCKING ARSEHOLES. Stop taking my tax money and pissing it up the fucking wall having these tit-for-tit bollocks arguments.
Take your heads out of your arses and start realising that if you actually had a proper boss, a single point of accountability, you'd have been fired for incompetency a fucking age ago.

Personally I don't give a shit if you fly jumbos 300ft above my house as long as you can show me the evidence that says it's a good idea. The more you hide the more I think you're just in it for the kick-backs.

I also don't give a shit which political party you are from. I just want someone to help Thanet so that when I wake up on a morning the seagulls, haven't ripped the big bags open and left shit everywhere. I want someone to get some fucking balls and stop pissing about with the Pleasurama development. I just want someone to do the fucking basics right.

For FUCKS SAKE...I am so disillusioned with the majority of our wanky councillors. YOU WORK FOR US YOU FUCKING IDIOTS! So how about doing some fucking work.

Apologies for the swearing but it helps get the point across.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Er, yes, a little OTT there Mr Shed. But you did get your point across quite forcibly and I concur with your views, if not the shouty sweariness!

Anonymous said...

I just wish everyone would call a truce and get on with life.

So,a Parish Councillor, community volunteer, was upset at a teeny, tiny, vaguely amusing comment on a blog that has a few readers each week. Big deal.

If he had laughed about it, it would all be done and dusted and most folk wouldn't have known a darned thing about it. Has his reputation suffered by it? It hadn't until he starting firing off e-mails to everyone posting anonymously perhaps to keep it all in the frame.

Mr. Worrow, get over it and move on. Worse things will happen in your political career but there might be no political career if you keep this up as there is a dnager you'll become an embarrassment to your own party.

Enjoy the summer and look forward to the elections in 2011 when you might, just might be a player.

Haven't seen too many of your fellow Tories at TDC rushing to support you. It's a lonely furrow to plough on your own without some help in the traces.

Eddie said...

I agree Mr Shed! It's about time we left our councilors alone to do their job. It's very unkind to call them names and make dreadful accusations about them. I know John will be very happy to receive so much support.

Gorgeous Nora said...

If its true what Cllr Worrow says about Cllr Nottingham could I volunteer to sit on his face while he tells me some lies? Thanks in advance for arranging this.

Gorgeous Nora

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.37 What do you do with the airport land?

There's load of examples of former airports all over the UK. I am sure a fact finding tour can be arranged. Closer to home see what has happend to an old US Air base in just over 10 years.
Visit Kings Hill |It might not suit Thanet but with the new train link anything is possible.

Anonymous said...

Hurray for Eddie. Perhaps now Parish Councillor Worrow will go back to his Birchington patch and let TDC councillors get on with their role of trying to sort out the rubbish, the museums, the absent councillor for Dane Valley, the asset sell off that isn't etc?

Anonymous said...

Parish Councillor Worrow has only got one ball.

Hes just another Tory that gets paid too much

Anonymous said...

I could do a better job then all of tham but I can't be bothered coz they are all the same anyway

Eastcliff Richard said...

Er, just a thought, but do any of you think any of our councillors are doing a good job for Thanet? At a pinch I could name three or four.

Bertie Biggles said...

I cannot but urge Parish Cllr Worrow to heed the advice from Anon of 2:54.
He is either continuing this petty spat with the support of some Conservative District Councillors from NTCA and is not making a good job of it or does not have their support.
Surely he must realise that whichever of the above applies, he has now lost some credibility as a potential Conservative District Councillor in 2011 as a result of this petty public display?
He should avoid emulating the poor examples set by The Leader and Deputy Leader of TDC in conducting themselves in public in recent years.

Creature of the Night said...

ECR while you can count the cllrs doing a good job on behalf of thanet on one hand, it would take many more to count the cllrs who are lining their own pockets while pretending to represent us.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't John Worrow look vaguely like that guy who was butler to Princess Di. Has he sought a quieter life in Birchington?