Friday, July 10, 2009

DFL Delivery

Cripes! That overnight spat on the last item has really put things in perspective for me! I mean, here I am, a suave, sophisticated, extremely well-educated media type from London who has come among you Thanetians to point out your idiosyncratic ways and help deliver you from the mire of carpet tiles, white van drivers and duffer-driven eyesores that blight your small island. Nothing less than Thanet's saviour in fact.

And there you all are, still bleating about 'DFLs', 'prols' and 'Islington dinner parties' like a bunch of mustachioed, perma-permed Liverpudlians caught in an 80s time warp.

No wonder I can't get a decent latte round here!


Anonymous said...

Richard I love you.

I am also DFL and thank you for being our voice.

Anonymous said...

As a p.s. is this the same Tony that you came to his aid and exposed Kent TV in Private Eye for what they are when the Golith threatened Tony?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Er yes. But Tony is a proud man and would not want to be reminded of that.

King of Thanet said...

For goodness sake, don't you realise that to any really educated person, and I don't mean the sort who gets a doctorate from a pathetic excuse for an American university, the pair of you consistently sound like a couple of dying parasites arguing who owns the dog shit you find yourself upon.

ECR is a failed local paper hack living in a shithole and Tony is just a nobody in a dead town. ECR has never worked for any decent publications and Tony has done little with his life.

The best thing the pair of you could do now is give up this pointless blogging and make your way to a real place like London, where, if you are lucky you might earn a bit of money and then forget all this cowadly lashing out at your betters lark.

And before you start whining, yes Ezekiel looks like a thug and speaks like he has a brain injury, Latchford looks like he wears ladies knickers but can't get it up and the rest of the shower of shits at TDC couldn't be trusted to look after a dog, let alone a dying collection of towns. But nevertheless, beside even those poorly educated, pompous, worthless pieces of shit, the pair of you look like a couple of whining little pussies.

Eastcliff Richard said...

At the risk of repeating myself...

Oh dear. Overdone the dramamine again, have we?

WestcliffLyra said...

Humour me ... what is DFL ?
(recent Thanetian import)