Friday, July 03, 2009

East Of The Wantsum

For all you lovely EotW fans out there, here's this week's strip. Click on it and it gets bigger. If only sex were that simple. And I make no apologies for returning to the Big Stink. Forget swine flu, at this rate it's only a matter of time before Ramsgate suffers the first UK typhoid epidemic since the 1800s!

Right, I'm off now to get rat-arsed. Then I'll be doing it all over again tomorrow and Sunday at Ramsgate Rocks. If you spot me, I'll shout you a pint of the Gaddfather's finest. It shouldn't be too difficult, as I'm planning on going stark, bollock naked apart from a gross of 99p Store clothes pegs clamped to my nipples and gonads. Have fun people!


Anonymous said...

Just hosed out the maggots from my bin after collection today. There were only 2 bags in there too as i am such a keen greenie recycler! Bin men neednt buy bait just collect it on their rounds if they fancy a spot of fishing when they finish work!

Anonymous said...

The village of Birchington is to stage its own salute to the King of Pop.
The Michael Jackson Tribute competition will be held at the King Ethelbert School at the end of the month.

But auditions will be held soon in preparation of the event. Comperes John Worrow, a parish councillor, and Ralph Hoult, entertainments manager at Ramsgate’s Granville Theatre, will host the show. To audition for a spot at the July 31 event potential performers need to decide on which of four categories they want to apply for.

They are: the young Michael, the older Michael, The Jackson Five group and the Michael non lookalike (music tribute category). To get involved call Cllr John Worrow on 07847303256 or Julie Francis on 01843 841796.

Cllr Worrow said: “We expect this to be a fun event for all the family.” The Birchington Village Partnership are staging the show.

The winners of the tribute competition will get to perform at Birchington Village Partnership's Outdoor Event at Minnis Bay on Sunday, September 20 and the Starlite Entertainers dance act will also entertain.

Bertie Biggles said...

Dickie, old boy, loved the strip! Fell off chair with laughter!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff 8:48pm! Sounds just like the Three Ages of Elvis. Just what Craggy Island needs!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to be pedantic, ECR, but the last typhoid epidemic was in Aberdeen in 1964 caused by a can of corned beef imported from Argentina and contaminated by river water entering via a tiny hole in the welding on the tin. Apparently the Argies used water straight from the river to cool the welding.

There was also an outbreak in the 1920s caused by watercress growing in a river near a sewage outfall pipe from a large country house where a family member was visiting from India. Said person was a typhoid carrier.

Medical history lesson over but I loved the cartoon.

Anonymous said...

My money is on the sea gull and if its a Herring Gull it will obviously be in the red corner, as its about to be red listed - back to my twitching - curtains that is?

Anonymous said...

Re the mickey Jackson tribute- any performers covering the "sharing bedroom with young boys" period?

One of your roving Ramsgate reporters said...

Funny how one of the only times Sandy has visited Ramsgate this year was because of a sudden unhealthy interest in our rubbish - he's not one of these people who rifles through rubbish sacks hoping to steal people's indentities is he? He was spotted at the opening of Ramsgate Rocks yesterday - never one to miss a photo opportunity. Our new Mayor Dave was resplendent in his new mayoral suit but looking rather hot under the collar accompanied by wife Liz looked in her fetching new "mayoral" outfit.