Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Councillor's 'Mini-Me' Moment - World Photo Exclusive!

by Isle of Thanet Gazunder Political Editor Oscar Sillikwezchun

Caught on camera - the moment the island's chattering classes have all been chattering about!

Thanks to an eagle-eyed Gazunder reader's mobile phone snap, we can now exclusively reveal that 'independent' Birchington Parish councillor John Worrow did in fact ape Tory grandee Roger Latchford OBE in voting against referring county council chief Paul Carter to the Standards Board at a turbulent meeting of the Manston consultative committee recently. Carter was a no-show at the meeting to discuss night flights, and committee members voted to report the ruddy-faced Conservative to the political watchdogs.

Worrow was subsequently described by a correspondent on Labour councillor Mark Nottingham's blog as 'shadowing Cllr. Latchford at all public events, (he) watched carefully to see his Thanet District Council representative's reaction before voting. Dressed in a very similar fashion to Roger Latchford, he appeared to some to be a 'mini-me' of his mentor', a reference to Dr Evil's diminutive clone in the Austin Powers movies.

That comment led to Cllr Worrow in turn reporting Cllr Nottingham to the standards people, a move which he has subsequently withdrawn.

Meanwhile Thanet Council chief executive Richard Samuel is drawing up a code of conduct for Thanet bloggers. Thanet Labour leader Clive Hart has also pitched in, saying he will not tolerate cyber bullies.

Will John continue to shadow Roger? Will Mark discover Richard's jottings? Will Clive get a new hair-do? These questions - and many others - will be answered in the next episode of 'Thanet'!

[That's enough politics - Ed]


Anonymous said...

Talking of hair, does Steve Ladyboy sometimes wear a wig? He has a good mop of hair in some photos but is almost bald in others.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the next episode. Will John and Mark kiss and make up or will it be swords at dawn?

Anonymous said...

Dear Cllr Hart

I strongly object to your superior attitude towards me in your letter dated
14/07/2009, that you sent to the 'Big News Margate'

My letter was sent to all three group leaders, and you are the only one that chose to be offended.

YES YOU DO have a moral responsibility to stop your members from cyber bullying. My letter would of given you the opportunity to deal with this cyber bulling issue, once and for all, yet you decided to use your reply to score political points. As a tax payer I pay your wages and I expect a little more respect.

The June 4th election result should have been a wake up call for you; it appears that you have lost the confidence of the people of Margate and Cliftonville, and if your continue to disregard the feelings of unpaid community volunteers that write you for help, I could see you loosing your care taker position as leader of the Labour group.

John Worrow
Tax payer and parish volunteer

Anonymous said...

That's certainly not from John Worrow.

Anonymous said...

Nurse Medication I think

This whole nonsense has gone to far.

I'm surprised the Bigmouth Margate didn't just tell Worrow to **** ***

Has the world gone bonkers

Anonymous said...

As Cllr. Worrow had e-mailed Cllr. Hart he surely hardly needs to use this blog to communicate with him so who is the imposter on here?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Hmmm. And things can only get worse as the sedatives wear off and the night terrors overcome our more fragile Thanet dwellers.

So I'm switching comments off until the morning. Nightie-night. Or Nighy night, as one of my lovely showbiz lady chums happily described a brief encounter recently!

Anonymous said...

How can Thanet Council draw up a code of practice in relation to blogging? It has absolutely no powers, authority, rights or role in such matters. What a stupid, nugatory effort.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I think they're trying to codify what cllrs can and can't say on blogs.

Still seems like a load of steaming pants to me though. What on earth makes them think they can gag people's oxygen of publicity like that? Not even the mad bint with the swivelling eyes made that one work!

I agree that 'cyber-bullying' may be a problem for teenagers, but we're talking about (mainly) fat old men here, who've chosen to go into politics, which, excuse me, has never been known for its wilting violets. Christ on a bike, it's hysterical! What's even more mad is that none of the real 'bullies' on the council run blogs!

I know, let's draw up a code against calling people 'fucking tossers' and sending petitions flying in high street shops and see who votes for that!

KOT said...


If I were to say (obviously I don't believe this, but just for that sake of debate) that Sandy looks like a punch-drunk former skinhead who one would expect to find LOVE and HATE tattoed on his hairy, trogladyte-like knuckles, rather than a seller of cheap looking carpets and an inadequate local councillor, at a public meeting, people would find it rude. Would they not?

So why is it acceptable to say it on here or other blogs?

The other thing is that there is a problem of overkill, which defeats the object. Say for example, someone came on here and said that they saw Roger having sex with a dead cod behind a vandalised bechut, it might be funny but that would also detract from the likelyhood of people believing it if it were subsequentally discovered that Roger has been buying used knickers from Japan on ebay (he hasn't, he doesn't have ebay - as far as I know)

Anonymous said...

What's a "bechut"?

Anonymous said...

a beech 'ut, a beech 'ut, ya fakin muppit. you know, where I keep my knocked off forc 'andles

Anonymous said...

This correspondence is now closed as the papers used to say years ago (or this blog should now say). I think it's all gone far enough and ECR, draw a line under it, please.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up ECR, I'm enjoying it.