Thursday, March 20, 2008


Waiting to get the old barnet trimmed down at Sweeney Todd's (next to the pie shop) yesterday, I idled away the time casting the Eastcliff mincers over this week's issue of yourthanet, one of the 1,200 local freesheets. But I must say I almost choked on my Murray Mint when I came across yet another yourthanetblogger item featuring His Councillorship from the north of the Ile.

He's been there every week for the past month. Now he's even got his photo on it. It's enough to give you the pip! And how can he be a blogger, when he's not blogging on his blinking blog? Oh yes, I forgot, he's billed as 'author of the popular but beseiged (sic) Thanet Life weblog'.

Well, considering he suspended it himself, I'd hardly call it a 'seige'. I mean, it's not quite Leningrad, is it?


bertie biggles said...

I couldn't agree more. But of course as a 'real' person as opposed to chracters like you and me, he is probably the only available 'blogger' and they have to have someone I suppose. They should drop the term blogger and go for a Doctor's Weekly Column.

Anonymous said...

He could be an agony aunt.

"Dear Simes, I have an anonymous blog based in Thanet. Will you be hunting me down by following my trail of breadcrumbs?


Worried of Broadstairs"

"Dear Worried,

Yes, and I will be publishing aerial shots of your house taken from Google Earth.