Monday, March 31, 2008

My Big Poll Gets Results

Apologies for the headline but I've just spent an hour or so deleting 500 'enhance your manhood' emails which have clogged up my inbox over the weekend, and I think some of it's rubbed off.

Well, it looks as if you do want to see our beloved council's juicy bits after all. So I've dispatched my wrinkled retainer Scrotum off to Staples to buy enough Pritt to glue a small housing estate next to a Kent airport back together, while I rescue the bits from the shredder. For the record, here's the final tally:

Question: Would you like me to expose our beloved council's juicy bits?

Yes - I like a good snigger: 91% (44 votes)
No - I can't think of anything more dull: 8% (4 votes)

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