Friday, March 28, 2008

Margate's Burning (Again)

Unholy smoke! Just had a call from one of my chums in the Arsonists' Playground to say that the front's on fire again. Apparently four pumps and a turntable have been in attendance for the last half an hour or so.

This time it's the Tivoli arcade, which has been closed for a few months. Yes, well, er, that seems to be the usual pattern of things around here. Should have some piccies for you later.

Update: Kent Online are now reporting 10 pumps and 60 firefighters, but despite initial reports of people trapped no-one found inside and the blaze is now out.


Anonymous said...

No surprises. These acts of Goddon make me laugh provided no one is hurt.

Anonymous said...

bertie biggles appears to have greater insider information ECR.

If only the flying doc was still blogging he would have been amongst first on scene. Then there would be his aerial shots.

Doug Dealer said...

Biggles is asking for it putting that stuff on his blog if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

If I were bertie I would cite a certain Victoria Pommiejoy as the source. C/O the premises used to be known as M and S.

Thanks for the update ECR and I came across this report too on your link:

A police officer who launched his own crimewave after developing a "pathological" gambling addiction has been jailed for seven years.

Zak Owen had an exemplary career with Kent Police for nine years before using his position as a custody sergeant to steal from both prisoners and others.

On one occasion, the 37-year-old detained three young men in their car while armed with his incapacitant spray and stole almost £5,000 from one of them.

Maidstone Crown Court heard that some of Owen's victims were shocked when they discovered he was a real police officer.

Owen, of High Grove Road, Chatham, admitted misconduct in public office, possessing a firearm, false imprisonment two charges of fraud and four of theft.

Telling Owen an "exemplary sentence" was called for, Judge Philip Statman said: "All of your victims have indicated that your conduct has undermined the trust they have in the police. You abused your power as a serving police officer."

Owen was based at Gravesend police station when he committed the offences.

Yet another Kent copper with ye feet of clay.

Still he has a sound alibi (being in court) when it comes to who might be in the frame for the latest suspected "Earner burner".