Monday, March 17, 2008

The Madness Of Margate

I tooled over to the Arsonists' Playground on Friday to attend one of the Theatre Royal's excellent monthly comedy nights. My hilarious old chum Matt Welcome was on the bill, fresh from the London circuit. And headlining was Harvey Oliver, fresh from the, er, caravan park circuit.

I don't think he'll mind me saying that, as it's part of his highly entertaining act. And he did cope in spectacular and side-splitting fashion with a drunken female heckler from hell. All the acts were very complimentary about the Theatre Royal's refit, courtesy of the Uranians, with only one of them pausing to ponder why the boxes had been boarded up in the process.

Not that it's all titters in Margate. Oh no. Far from it. A late night walk down the lower High Street after the show had me wishing I'd forked out the 100 smackers to be accompanied by Fat Kev, my security adviser. It seems one of the many boarded up shops has been transformed into a loosh nightery appropriately dubbed The Madhouse. Out of this fine example of regenerated cafe culture stumbled a gaggle of rowdy youths who promptly spewed up whatever it was they had consumed across the newly widened pavements. Meanwhile the establishment's bouncers, who had presumably not bothered to remove these, er, gentlemen before they reached such a state of ill-humour, looked aimlessly on.

And what's transpiring over on the pier? In the gloom it looked as if all the jolly paintwork (see picture above) which we apparently paid an artist chappy £56,000 for only last year, is being obliterated by the Pineapple Properties development, which we're subsidising to the tune of lord knows! Kuh, anyone would think Thanet was made of money!


Dick Rubbin said...

Surely Margate will feel the effects of all the millionaires piling into Ramsgate? Now your blog also seems to be the most prominent on the Isle I fear a powershift south side.....unless our own Big News buddy can get out the back of his tranny and fill the void left by others.

Anonymous said...

Another benefit of the 'Westwood Cross effect'. Retailers are deserting the high streets in droves to be replaced by these spewhouses. It has happened in Broadstairs (Voodoo) and Ramsgate (Sovereign) and soon all we will be left with is rivers of p*ss and vomit and vandalised buildings and cars.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm..I had the same experience with driunken louts vomiting all over the pavement outside the bars on the front in Ramsgate,think unfortunatly it happens everywhere ECR

Anonymous said...

56k would have gone along way to help our exisiting shop owners with our rates, we are stuggling!! Margate will never be a regeneration success unless it has verity, a decent High St, attractions, reasonable parking charges. As the DJ recently discussed on Capital Gold about towns that were a big let down. She said they looked forward to visting Margate, and stated what a let down when she got there, absolutely nothing to do. She did mention that all that was left on the seafront regards shops was a sex shop. What a mess TDC.