Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ND The MD Quits KCC TV

Lumme! If I hadn't been taken off the air for five weeks, I might have spotted this one a bit sooner! I see my old TV chum Nigel Dacre has quit his post as head of much-criticised (by me) Kent TV. The internet based channel was launched due to unpopular demand by Kent County Council last year, blowing £1.6m of your lovely taxpayers' smackeroonies in the process.

Follicly challenged Nigel, brother of Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre, quietly departed Kent TV in, um, November 2007. Last December £229,000-a-year KCC Chief Executive Peter Gilroy announced that he was 'very pleased' with the number of people watching the channel - 109,000 in the three months since its launch in September 2007. Or to put it in context, a daily reach equivalent to 0.000118% of EastEnders.

Nifty Nigel, as his colleagues never knew him, is now setting up his own Web TV channel, but said he had very much enjoyed working at Sir Gob's Ten Alps production company, which is responsible for Kent TV. Ah well, now that Nigel's only making plans for Nigel there'll be more time for tennis I suppose. If I recall, he used to get me every time with a rather wicked backhand!

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Anonymous said...

Credit where credits due!
The figures for jan now average 10,000 per week, up from the 8,600. I think its the same 10,000 every week.

I think the lack of comments on the your say sections says it all, unlike your blog (creep creep)

Are the 15,000 on the KCC payroll allowed to watch?

figures taken from KCC news archive.

Michael Child said...

I have just had a look at Kent TV clicked on the map to see the Thanet items about 40 items came up, I gave it a closer look and only about 10 of them related to Thanet. Thanet is about 10% of Kent so lets say that 1.000 Thanet people look at the site a week you can compare that to my own website with pictures of, and books about Thanet that gets over 2,000 unique visitors per week. If it’s costing KCC £1,600,000 per year for 520,000 visitors that’s a bit over £3 per visit the equivalent my website costing me over £6,000 per week to run. I must have made a mistake somewhere, perhaps someone can help me out here.

Eastcliff Richard said...

We bloggers donate all this, er, marvellous information and entertainment for free. I mean, I'm not even plugging my business here (not meant to be a dig Michael, I think your site is most informative) just my radiant personality. I think I deserve an OBE at least. Or maybe I should be 'monetizing' my blog, as the Septics charmingly put it?

Michael Child said...

Richard no dig taken, I make my living out of selling secondhand books, the local history website and book publishing is a hobby, because of the price of ink.

I tried a night hood but apart from people mistaking me for a hoodie I kept tripping over and if you monitize your blog people would probably think it stood for Order of Blog Entrepreneurs. Oh I’m trying to be humorous again, sorry I’ll go and have a lie down, otherwise I will be getting flack from my children.