Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eyesore Tour Boosts Isle Economy

by Isle of Thanet Gazunder Tourism Editor Wee Ken Brake

Thanet is set to welcome more than a million visitors this Easter weekend - all due to its growing reputation for eyesores.

An enterprising coach company has set up a tour of the island taking in its most famous sites for sore eyes. The brochure says: 'With millions of pounds in grants over the past ten years, Thanet is now firmly on the eyesore map. Where else could you take in so many delightfully derelict sites in just one day?' The itinerary includes:

Margate - visitors are met at the station and begin their tour with breakfast at Arlington Square, followed by a trip around Dreamland with its famous car park and knackered old roller coaster. 30 minutes for shopping in Lower High Street or enjoying the peace and tranquility of the new library.

Cliftonville - board the coach for the short trip to the island's eyesore capital for lunch, pausing briefly to admire the Lido.

Broadstairs - short break to walk along the Culmers Land fence, followed by a 'discomfort stop' at the vandalised conveniences.

Ramsgate - the grand finale of the tour. Visitors can explore the fly tip behind Granville Court, before marvelling at such World Heritage Eyesores as the Pleasurama site, the Marina Restaurant, the Royal Pavilion, the derelict former Motor Museum and the Western Undercliff illegal lorry park. Tour ends with walk along King Street (security provided).

Eyesore Tours can be contacted on 01843 577000.
Photo: Reader Samantha

Day trippers enjoying the Granville Court eyesore in Ramsgate


Millicent said...

I've only just discovered that you're back!! Gave up looking for a while. Love the tourist itinerary - will try and think of a few more for you.


Eastcliff Richard said...

Thanks Millicent. Good to have you back too!

fred said...

It was good to see TDC taking such an active interest in the maintenance of the pavillion last week - after noticing that the leaseholders had it up for sale.

I now look forward to them taking the same interest in restoring West Cliff Hall (aka the old motor museum) to its former glory.

I came across the following web site a while ago, with photos taken inside of this building.

It doesn't look too good inside. Perhaps its time for TDC to have a quiet word with the owner, to see when they plan to repair it :-) .


Eastcliff Richard said...

Thanks for that Fred. If you do a search on my blog (using the blog search button in the top left hand corner), you'll see that I've moaned on about the West Cliff Hall ad inf.

Last year the rotters said they'd leased it to the Global Generation Church. Perhaps they're waiting for the final trump to take up residence.

Anonymous said...

One could almost imagine a bunch of foreign holidaymakers turning up, thinking that their hotel was only half-finished! Makes a change.

Millicent said...

How about adding the art deco toilets in Boundary Road, the site of the old gas works, the sand bank in the harbour, the road works in Hereson Road and the Eastcliff reconstruction works, and the creme de la creme - Dumpton Park Station at night.

Anonymous said...

Don't the Oasis Hong Kong Phooey flights.

Anonymous said...

They can have a comfort stop at the Granville dump everyone else seems to.