Monday, March 24, 2008

The Truck Stops Here

Now that those blighters at the council have put up parking charges, I presume they're using the additional income to sort out the problem of lorries illegally camping on Ramsgate's swish Western Undercliff. Which is, perhaps, why they've started parking on the Eastern, um, Overcliff.

Oh well, who cares? It's a much better day than yesterday, and the old Eastcliff Mater and Pater are driving down from Kensington for lunch and a tour of the (building) sites. If you recall, it was thanks to their stalwart disregard for parental devotion that I became the 'middle class, patronising pratt... who feel he has to explain things to the people of Thanet because we're too thick to understand current events' that you all know and love today! Hurrah!


Anonymous said...

Maybe the lorries should start parking overnight in Cecil Square? Why can't they use part of the old Sally site, upgrade the facilities and charge them per 24 hr stopover?Then ban them from everywhere else.

Anonymous said...

there is parking for them down there, 2 areas infact and its free for up to 17 hours (well supposedly, but how do you expect us to get the money from a polish man who can only say 'me no speaka inglish'?) the fact of the matter is there simply is not enough space, when you think about it, 10 sailings a day, all can hold 40 pieces of frieght, thats 400 lorries a day...where would you park them smart arse?