Monday, August 06, 2007

Blue Rags Beach

To the Margate Carnival yesterday. By George, you couldn't have wished for better weather!

And it wasn't just the sun that was out. Our glorious council leader Sandy Beach was mingling with the crowds, pressing the flesh. Dressed in Tory blue top and shorts, of course, accompanied by his charming blonde partner, who was also sporting party colours in the form of a pale blue, flowery summer dress.

Still, somehow the carnival wasn't quite the same this year without the traditional fire to finish it all off.

Update: For the curious among you, one of my readers appears to have captured our Sand and his lovely companion here:

For the sake of disambiguation, Sandy's the chap in blue on the right walking like a former boxer. Which is in fact what he is, apparently.


Millicent said...

I felt sorry for the poor little majorettes who were ringing wet, exhausted and bright pink byt the time they reached the WINTER GARDENS to be greeted by a group including Cllr Kirby sporting a very flashy panama hat and our own coiffeured one. At least the ATC band boys were being regularly sprayed with water. Thought the best float was the one from Hastings and thought it mwas pity that the Notting Hill mob were on last as most onlookers were suffering from carnival fatigue by then.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I felt sorry for those poor majorettes too. But the Notting Hillbillies were still going great guns by the time they reached the pier. How they still managed to put so much energy into it after shimmying all along the front in those huge costumes lord knows!

Little Weed said...

Where's the photos then?

Eastcliff Richard said...

I'm on holiday. 'Twould have been too like a busman's if I'd taken a camera.

Fortunately one of my readers has come up trumps, albeit that they've shot Sandy and pal from behind, and cut off his head!

As for pics of the carnival itself - anyone care to oblige?

Anonymous said...

Great day and I'm not putting it down but local traders were complaining that the influx of visitors contributed little to the local economy as they brought all their beer and sandwiches with them and picknicked on the beach. Slots seemd to be doing a roaring trade though.

Millicent said...

Traders a hundred years ago were complaining about that too but that was because day trippers lowered the tone of the area, and local businesses got more trade out of the wealthier visitors who used to stay in the boarding houses in Cliftonville.

Admirer said...

Yes and while most of the islanders were on their way back from Margate Gerry O'Ramsgate was fighting off a robber with a knife at his kiosk on the cliff top. Despite a scalded foot and being shaken up Gerry and Ruth were back in business today.That's the spirit!

thom said...

Just out of curiosity I'm sure I read you had a spanking new copy of the Corporate Plan the other week. How did you manage that? I'm still awaiting my hard copy and have yet to hear the phone ring to say "hey thom, here it is." Unless your secret identity is... no! Surely not!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes - Gerry O'Ramsgate and his wife being robbed in their kiosk at knifepoint made the front page of the Thanet Times! Good on him for seeing the chap off. Later, though, the blighter tried the same trick round at the Costcutter and got away with a few bob.

Thom - you've rumbled me at last! I am indeed Richard Samuels, Chief Exec of TDC! If it wasn't for you pesky kids I would have got away with it!

No, er, that can't be right, he doesn't actually live in Thanet. I must have, um, found a copy among all that rubbish on Augusta Road ;-)