Monday, August 20, 2007

Scooby Doo-Doo

I appear to have struck a rich, um, vein. Following the publication of that barker's nest warning sign last week, 'Don't Doo-Doo' notices from around the world are now winging their way to my inbox on a daily basis.

Regular reader Millicent spotted this one in Germany. Having popped it into the old Alta Vista Babel Fish, it translates thus:

We find sh*ts. Dear owners of dog, dog excrement on sidewalks must from them immediately be removed. On the other hand to threaten up to €50 fine.

Ah, you can rely on the Germans to be blunt about these things. And I expect the fines are rigorously enforced too. If anyone has any further examples, my inbox is always open.

And don't forget that our local ace reporter Kathy Bailes is looking for examples of lorry drivers doing disgusting things over on our less salubrious West Cliff. If you've witnessed anyone depositing, er, an illegal load, or you're concerned about the increasing number of lorries that are parking there, give her a call at the Gazunder on 578992.


Millicent said...

I think a more literary translation might be:-

WE don't think much of this! Dog owners should remove doggy doodoos from the pavement immediately otherwise you could be fined 50 Euros - but there is no need for this

Anonymous said...

I'm off down to the western undercliff hotfoot to investigate all those lucozade bottles - do the lucozade company know about this - will I get any money back on the bottles - in the interests of the environment?

Adem said...

Regarding your blog title, I'd have hoped that "Scooby Don't" would have been considered too.

Kathy said...

Thanks for the plug.

Anonymous said...

only passingly relevant to this strand, but it looks like the gazunder are after biggles over a post and strand defaming a local restaurant. on this one, more power to their elbows! poor old doc is bleating "i was set up".

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, I saw that.

He's calling it 'yet another non story', the same way he describes any story that puts him in a bad light it seems. And blaming it on 'comments elsewhere', of course. Can't think who he means by that.

I saw the tirade on his blog about the Indian restaurant, but honestly I thought it was quite mild compared to the 'Gippo' outburst a few weeks ago.