Friday, August 10, 2007

Vicars In A Twist

Holy underwear! I see from the front page of today's Isle of Thanet Gazunder that the vicar of St Peter's Church, the Reverend Brian Moore, has run off with his Sunday school teacher!

The news gives an entirely new complexion to the phrase 'Sunday service', but the writing was on the internet for those in the know as the Randy Rev applied a couple of weeks ago for planning permission for an erection. Of two free-standing, non-illuminated signs outside his church.

I'm not allowed to reproduce the signs, which can be found on the UK Planning website, for copyright reasons. But here's a passable mock-up:


Adem said...

I prefer the Bishops Finger.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that he and his companion were not one of the couples Councillor (The Flying Doctor) Moores witnessed copulating when he was out in his raincoat and binoculars last week. Disgraceful! How very dare they?

Bemused said...

My neighbour saw a couple in flagrante delicto at 6am on the pulhamite steps leading down from near the Winterstoke gardens in Ramsgate. I'm not sure who was more surprised! Hasn't Councillor Moore got anything better to do?

BumUsed said...

Didn't think that His Councillorship's bread was buttered on that side. Unless he's trying to, er, root them out and put a stop to that sort of thing?