Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Word From Our Other Sponsor

As part of my new policy of carrying a modest amount of tasteful sponsorship ('selling out' in old money) here on the island's biggest and best blog, I'd like to introduce you to those nice people at Nice Things.

Based at the newly renovated Custom House in the Millionaires' Playground, Nice Things showcases local arts and crafts from, er, local artists and craftsmen. So if your other half has a birthday coming up or you need a last minute prezzie for that anniversary you've forgotten, or you just want to treat yourself, do pop along and browse their selection of paintings, ceramics, jewellery, trinkets, cards and wrapping paper.

Phew! The things I have to do to earn a wedge these days! If you'd like your name in front of thousands of readers a week, other slots are available. All it costs is less than a bottle of decent fizz a month, stuffed in cash into the customary brarn envelope, and deposited at an address of my choosing. Just email me at


Anonymous said...

I hope they succeed. I will write to a mate of mine in Thanet. he is semi retired now but did/does electrical including a few small home outbuilding pottery kiln installations thereabouts.

Ask him to put in a word if any of his ceramics customers are looking for outlets.

Anonymous said...

Oh, its a shop selling lovely little things for the lovely people of Ramsgate.

Reminds me of the cover of ID magazine in 88 GET UP! GET HAPPY! get to Ramsgate?