Thursday, August 19, 2010

EU Scrutinises More Manston Cargo Crates

Please excuse my extended hiatus, but I'm still doing a daily dash up and down the motorway to attend to the poorly pater in Skeggy. Hopefully he'll be up and tap dancing again soon!

Tonight I managed to trawl through the 167 emails that have accumulated in my absence. Most were drivel, but one caught the old glass eye. My informant tells me that EgyptAir, whose cargo flights regularly rattle the roof tiles and windows here at the cliff top mansion, 'has been warned that it risks inclusion on the European Commission's blacklist of banned airlines unless it addresses serious concerns in several areas of its operation.' According to Air Transport Intelligence:

The Commission states that 75 inspections since January last year turned up 240 individual safety findings, including 69 in the highest of the three classifying categories.

The Commission expressed 'serious concern' to the Egyptian civil aviation authority in May, regarding 'systemic safety deficiencies' at the flag-carrier.

It says the 'persistence of serious findings' in areas such as airworthiness, maintenance, operations and the safety of cargo on board has prompted a request for monthly reports, from Egyptian authorities, on implementation of a corrective action plan.

You can read more here. The news follows the recent banning of another Manston cargo carrier, Meridian, for 'technical failures and issues with maintenance'.

So, if I should wake up one morning with a pallet of dates wedged up my aris, I'll know who to blame!


Anonymous said...

Green Blazer Chep said:

I recall, back when I was wearing the old green blazer to attend a Ramsgate based academy for males, that we were asked if we had the palate for dates.

I quickly replied, "My aspirations extend beyond the council. And in my dreams I would go into Clarendon House, across the way there, and chew around some ripe young pips"

Anonymous said...

Next time you are down here please go and look at the seafront hoarding - six more paintings were put up last night!Loads more should be ready in early September. It is looking good!

Anonymous said...

See the early bird still catches the worm or should that be, is the worm!

Anonymous said...

6:24 PM

In the absence of having anything meaningful to contribute yourself, I excuse your misquoting of my comment on an earlier subject. I should, however, point out that fifteen year olds of my generation were more into groping, when rarely getting the chance, having yet to advance to chewing.

The Thanet trend of getting girlfriends up the duff to obtain a council pad was still well in the future.

Anonymous said...

In recent postings we have discussed the crashes and ultimate collapse of the South African originated MK Airlines, the Belgian grounding of a Ghanaian airline and now planes from Egypt come under the safety scrutiny. All of which raises the question of whether we should allow anythinng out of the African continent to fly into British or EU airspace?

In a continent where priority is given to the funding of presidential palaces and lifestyles to the detriment of the very fabric of the countries themselves, not to mention the unfortunate people, there is no money to maintain planes to acceptable standards.

Perhaps to exclude such rust buckets from the EU might bring about change out there whilst considerably enhancing the chances of Thanecians dying of old age.

Anonymous said...

Just to share some good news. Tomorrow 20th August at 12.41 there will be a flypast by a Spitfire & Hurricane to mark 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Well done chaps.

Oh and why was this not mentioned in any of the Isles useless free rags?!/photo.php?pid=5401567&id=302725915495&ref=fbx_album&fbid=422104250495

mike said...

that is a little worrying isn't it, i trust that the aeroplanes flying over my head are not about to fall out of the sky due to poor maintenance.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

ECR, who the f**k is Mario and what was that 'decree' all about. Surely not one of your sponsors.

PS Hope the pater is on the mend.

Anonymous said...


It is very clear that black and Psych ops are taking place on your site ECR to dumb down this important news.

So lets get back on topic shall we TDC/developers Blog spoilers.

Clearly the CAA has not acted in its capacity to regulate or check the permit landing Jets arriving at Manston in the appropriate manner?

Now what is good old Laura and Wodger going to do about it...absolutely nothing unless its got a fartway stain inside the permit landing plane - boom-boom.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the CAA has not acted in its capacity to regulate or check the permit landing Jets arriving at Manston in the appropriate manner?
The CAA does not do that sort of thing, at any airport, as a standard procedure.

Lucy Mail said...

Egyptair are obviously living in de-Nile.

7:42 AM, I think you're missing a bloody great big point, as I'm sure that most people would like to see some kind of development taking place there, rather than a tarted up pile of crap!
They're building a Turner center for that kind of nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Laura and Wodger are probably doing as much about it as your late lamented Stevie Ladybloke would have done. There are agencies for air worthiness outside the remit of MPs so, other than raising the issue with the appropriate minister, should a constituent alert them to the issue, there is not much more they can do.

TDC Black Arts Officer (For the ill informed that means I indulge in the black arts not that I am an ethnic employee)

Anonymous said...


So what we have is a CAA that does bugger all? Looking at how much the MK debacle (along with other travel companies) that is going to cost us the tax payer - as the loss will go to the CAA. The later raises some serious ethical standards/decisions of how the CAA goes about its protect the air industry at any cost approach...frankly this is not good enough?

Some transparency and how the Air Industry is regulated should be on the MP's agenda as its clear that Millions can be saved and have a higher standard and monitoring of the air industry as a whole because at the moment the entire system is not fit for purpose.

Richard Eastcliff said...

I've trashed 'Merio', for he was spam.

I'm getting around a dozen spam comments a day at the mo, but fortunately Blogger's new spam comment filter is catching most of them.

One or two are still getting through however, so apologies if some comments here seem even more irrelevant than usual!

By the way Lucy, I've also heard that EgyptAir are involved in pyramid selling! Geddit??!!!??!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The problem is that the CAA has conflicting responsibilities. On the one hand, they are supposed to be responsible for safety. On the other hand they have a responsibility to promote commercial development. High time any reference to commercial responsibilities was removed from their remit.

P.S. Public meeting of the airport Consultative Committee is on 17th Serptember at 18:30. The new CEO of the airport has promised to be there; they've moved the meeting to accomodate him. In addition, Brian White from TDC will be explaining why TDC has failed in its duty to monitor nosie and pollution from the airport. Should be a gas.