Friday, August 13, 2010

Reds Over Our Heads 2

I asked for photos, and you sent them in their millions! Well, one reader sent millions at least. Here's regular contributor Walter's best shot.

By way of contrast, our local biblio-bloke Michael Child has sent me this pic of the Arrows at Manston in 1968 before, as Michael puts it, 'elf and safety':

Cripes! They must have worn cast iron undercrackers in them days!

Well, we've been treated to all types of military hardware over the Millionaires' Playground today, so I'm just off down the strip to numb my migraine with a couple of bottles of Krug. A bientot!


Anonymous said...

Reds over Broadstairs on the last day of Freak Week!

Anonymous said...

F**k Week should be renamed Joke Week. I went in to see a couple of acts in the pubs. There was a really good blues player in the Neptune and a bunch of cockney chavs by the bar just shouted at each other throughout his performance. He turned up the PA, they just shouted louder. In the end he gave up and just did some practice. Nobody, except me, was listening. The same thing happened at a couple of other venues.

I guess artists will keep turning up as long as they're paid, but the whole week seems to have turned into an excuse for the local yobs to get p*ss*d and behave badly. The area outside the Dolphin is particulalry bad with drunken yobs swilling beer in the road, swearing and shouting at each other. Any responsible licensing authority would do something about this.

Maybe it's time to think about separating more of the music from the bars. Those who want to drink and shout at each other can go in the pubs. Those who want to listen to the music can go to the music tent.

Anonymous said...

I know the answer Dave Bean. Dressing up cupboard mate. No brainer, skiiing downhill next thing all the Bored-stares middle arses on side.

To drink and hurrah in the immediate vicinity of yer said Dolphin punter must dress in Folkwear and adhere to Folk Fezz rules:

street violence to escalate only by local middle class request

Anonymous said...

Cockneys performing at the Folk Fezz

Anonymous said...

How deliciously ironic. Southern Water are sponsoring the Monster Bass festival in Harbour Parade. This morning it was decimated by a flood of sewage caused by drains which cannot handle the volume of water. TDC turned up and advised people to scoop the water out of the drain in a bucket and to empty it into the harbour. You couldn't write this stuff unless you were gifted. The consequences of over-development and under-investment come home to roost.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, an EA expert will be giving a workshop on the isle's groundwater quality at Pfizers next month (Sept 15th). Given that the Isle fails under the WFD, makes you wonder what the development control and the past Inspectors' for the local plan actually did...other than sit on their tax payers paid for behinds.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, those lazy,hazy summers in Thanet as a school boy...a short bike ride to Manston to watch the Foland Gnats trying to crash into each other, was a regular thing to watch - and the RAF virtually let us walk up to the jets then. You could even talk to the Pilots!!!

I can remember the old boys waving their forks (Manston road allotments)at the German planes when the filming of battle of Britain took place at Manston - again we could almost walk up to the planes. We could not talk to the pilots as I think they were from the Spanish air force?

Trouble is that we did not know how good life was then.

Thanet really has nothing to offer us - compared to then, and we are not just talking about the tourists on the beaches.

The only good thing is, that one does not have to swim through the motions on the beaches although watch out when the CSO's open though - Ramsgate has two, Michael not one - in fact it has lots? Michael ask SW if they are alarmed?


Anonymous said...

10.27 the town itself has very little to do with Folk Week proper these days, the real festival is in the marquee, the pavilion and camp site, these are all ticketed. All the associated problems of which you so rightly speak are not the fault of Folk Week and the organizers yes those problems cause a real headache for them, The temptation is to move the real festival to Quex for three days but then Broadstairs losses out on its biggest income, I have it on very good authority that some pubs make two thirds or even three quarters of their yearly profit in that one week, so whats the future of the festival?

Anonymous said...

Would you agree then Anon 7.03 that the Freedom of Information applications made by Richard Card (re Sericol and Thor) achieved some good ?

Would you agree that the efforts made by Michael Child and Malcolm Kirkaldie achieved some good ?

Anonymous said...

Hi 10:41. I wasn't suggesting that the problems with Folk Week were the fault of the organisers. I think the people who organise Folk Week do a great job with the limited resources they have. I attribute rowdy and drunken behaviour to the people who are getting drunk and rowdy.

I think that we have reached the stage where measures need to be taken to separate the music lovers from the people who just want to drink. In particular I am concerned that youngsters, who should be able to enjoy a Folk festival are exposed to drunken yobs, swearing at each other in a public place. This ought to be addressed by the licensing authority, assuming they aren't in the pockets of the publicans.

Anonymous said...

11:04 indeed they did, however it is a pity that TDC and some of the so called politicians, did not listened too and got to grips with the information that the later two had uncovered, instead of political derision and we are the experts so we know best, when in truth they knew bugger all - but the two M's had clearly investigated and were telling the truth. The fact that one of the M's had uncovered that the old tip on the Sandwich road posed a significant risk and could not be remediated should have set off alarm bells?

Thanet now has a very real and a somewhat dangerous situation of over development with no adequate controls - and the trouble is that TDC has not got the expert management to sort the mess out as the developers have been allowed unfettered permission to build.

It will be interesting to see/view what actually happens at this Sept 15th meeting as this person is attending in an official capacity and I will be taking the two M's points up with Mrs Beeching from the EA.

I am also wondering how Mrs B is going to field the question of endocrine disruptor's in our water supply...I will leave the cancer treatment drugs for later?

Anonymous said...

9:05 AM you have completely lost me! Why is it that no matter what the subject, this time the Reds with a slight diversion into Folk Week,it has to be high jacked for some boring anti-political diatribe about who knows what other than the even more boring scribe.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps ECT could start a Richard Card thread and divert all of the postings on this subject into that thread, where the rest of us can ignore them. Come to think of it, he could do the same with Bluenote/Rock's postings.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, 12;39 PM, why doesn't ECR make you his censor so that everything you disapprove of can be diverted into the seperate thread. Problem is though, how do we know you would not hi-jack the site for the exclusive use of those of the same opinions as yourself. How boring would that be?

Even Richard Card provides diversity and a glimpse into the mind of the paranoiac fantasist whilst Bluenote is good for the odd wind up.

By the way, I did see the Reds several times and what a pleasing sight.

Anonymous said...


And what pray do you actually do for the community then...waster.

like the so called millionaire's who actually do nothing tangible for the community as well???

Anonymous said...

So, the 'red' seems to have emerged from under the bed! How dare he say that ECR and his fellow millionaires on the row, do nothing for the community. What about this blog and its hours of frivalous light entertainment. No, the world would be a poorer place without them.

Anonymous said...

You may be finding it difficult to quantify ECR's contribution to the community but he doesn't cause any damage.

The Council, on the other hand, seems to decimate everything it touches. The old Pleasurama site still lies decaying and neglected. Isn't it about time that TDC admitted that they made a terrible mistake by handing our seafront over to some faceless company in the Cayman Islands, rather than to one of the other more identifiable bidders?

I guess the problem is that both parties backed the scheme and neither can now claim the moral high-ground. However, there is (or should be such a thing as accountability) and I think it's time that the Councillors who negotiated and backed the failed scheme should resign in disgrace for the damage they have caused.

A second example of the Council damaging the town would be the stupid decision to go to a two-weekly bin collection. Now that the town is alive with blue-bottles and maggots, shouldn't the Councillor responsible spend more time with his family? He can't even claim that the outcome wasn't predictable because so many people predicted it.

Rubbish from the market all over the High Street, drains backing up because of over-development, water that is so contaminated it isn't drinkable, diddly-squat on the business parks despite years of regeneration money.....I could go on, but I think it's time for a Public Inquiry.

Anonymous said...

The Dolphin always seems to have non-Folk music booming out of it during Folk Week and just seems to rake in what it can on the back of the festival. Lord Nelson, Barnaby Rudge and Neptunes Hall work to the spirit of the event as do other pubs in town. I have no interest in Folk Music but local pissheads just take advantage of the open all hours policy and it does have an adverse effect on the area around Harbour Street junction with Albion Street. I think its time to move it into marquees up by the bandstand, Pierrmont and Upton and restrict opening times.