Monday, August 23, 2010

Unintetional Error

Reader Dave writes:

I was shopping at the Westwood Cross Staples this afternoon when I noticed a charity box for a very worthy cause by the till. It's a shame, though, that Read International, whose aim is to collect books and donate them to schools in east Africa to help them to read, couldn't even spell their own name right on the tin! I attach a photograph from my mobile phone.

Well Dave, I agree with you there. I bet whoever proof read that is now feeling like a bit of a silly cut!


Anonymous said...

Green blazer chep said the 'silly cut' obviously did not attend the same spiffing grammar as me.

Anonymous said...

Once went to big fair to do with education at a centre in Lille. There was a 40 x 4 foot banner stretched across the hall which read LIFELONG LEARLING. It was there for the whole week. There's also a 10x8 foot road sign on the A251 at the Challock roundabout which points you to CHILLHAM. Been there for months.

Anonymous said...

Not sponsored by tdc by any chance

Anonymous said...

No, it's a nantional charity.

Anonymous said...

Green Blazer Chep said

It is good to see that a fellow alumnus maintained the tradition that an Old Chatterhomoaniam be first to kick off comments.

But, in his haste, he has ommitted our obligatory moan about the bloody council.

That would be the same council that no Old Chatterhomoaniam ever aspired to as an employer.

I confirm Anon 12.03 that spelling errors are the fault of TDC.

Bloody council.

Anonymous said...

Green Blazer Chep

In order to outstay my welcome (An Old Chatterhomoaniam tradition) I have thought of a wee funnyism to contribute.

If the charity went to Africa recruiting international rugby players for the English League, that would be a Charity Collecting Boks.


Anonymous said...

I also am a Green Blazer chep and I found that funnyism extraordinarily possessed of wit. Well done old fellow. Reminds me of the time we took to referring to ourselves of the final year as the "Upper Sexth"

Riotously special people we Old Chatterhomoaniams. There's my phone. Busy busy. Some unemployed oik querying his housing benefits (yes I work for TDC but it is just a stop gap job I have been in for 25 years)

Anonymous said...

For the benefit of all these false green blazer claimants, former pupils are actually Old Ruymians. But then, technically, since Ruym is the Latin name for Ramsgate, I guess half the geriatric scribes to these pages could claim that title!

Anonymous said...

In my own time at the Green Blazered seat of learning I had a strange experience involving a Hereson lad.

One day he was at our school door chewing furiously and swallowing an exam paper.

Curious behaviour.

Next day he returned and was squatted down defecating on our school porch whilst furiously beating himself orf and ejaculating on our door.

"What are you doing Hereson oaf ?" I deplored.

"Well mate (the familiarity was most unwelcome especially given his flaccidating dribbling penis was being shaken in my direction) I am about to go home and tell my c-nt of an old man that I can pass eleven plus and come here"

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.21 you appear indeed possessed of the same exclamation mark habit as other Old Ruymians !!

Anonymous said...

Re: Thanet Offshore Wind geezers drink beer in Whitstable.

As the copyright holder of this picture, I have made it visible to my friends only as I do not think it was that newsworthy. Before linking to my photostream again, please ask.

Anonymous said...

8:17 AM Many thanks for the link. Are you suggesting that the exclamation mark is the way ORs identify each other amongst themselves?

As for 7:26 AM, what can one say but "Yuk!!" Hardly what one expects from a product of the old establishment.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Oooh! Get you, 8:43! If you didn't think your photo was of any interest, why publish it openly on a thing called the World Wide Web? The clue is in the name, you see.

And personally I did think it was newsworthy, seeing all you hairy Thanet Offshore Wind blokes sitting there with your pints of Duff and not a female hormone in sight. Oh yes, it's a man's world, wind.

As for asking you before I link to your 'photostream' (whatever that is) again, go stick your head in a turbine.

Anonymous said...

As a working class oik at that seat of learning(?) I soon realised that being good at classwork was not as important as being good at sports. You could get away with b-all work if you were skilled at rugby or cricket.
They finally realised that some of us don't like violent games and gave us little flowers art classes. Result! I used to go home watch afternoon telly and bring back a quickly drawn sketch of the harbour taken from a postcard instead of the real venue. No-one found out
The headmaster reminded me of Chalky, the one in the Giles cartoons.

Anonymous said...

I see no-one has mentioned the SLC words yet. Didn't our plummy harbour master go there?

Anonymous said...

In connexion with violent ball games I forgot the wonderful lines from the film Clueless. '"I don't like the idea of balls flying past a few inches away from my nose" Other girl' Well you won't have much of a social life then"
Perhaps that's the reason I didn't make it to P.M. like Head Teeth

Ken Gregory said...

Dave would do well to visit the Wincheap retail park in Canterbury, where a well known security firm has a banner strung across their building advertising 'BUGLER' alarms!