Sunday, August 08, 2010

Bloomin' 'Orrible

Well, well, well. It appears to be a week of fine dining and horticulture here on the big blog! Regular contributor Mick has been doing a tour of the Millionaires' Playground with a view to entering it into the Britain in Bloom competition. Here's his report:

One of the key features of Ramsgate is the number of delightful roof and verandah gardens which host some fantastic fauna and flora. Here's a good example:

Moving along, I spotted a rare, sprouting Ramsgatus Urbanus:

Followed by Aerialis Neglectii and some Weedus Ridgius:

Finishing with the common Buddleia Aloftus Thanetii:

The love and attention that's lavished on these aerial gardens is a quintessential part of the town's heritage, and Ramsgate should make an excellent contender for the Britain in Bloom competition. I trust, Richard, that you will use your undoubted influence with your peers to ensure that these horticultural wonders are preserved and displayed for the wider enjoyment of the nation.

Hmmm. I'm not sure you're being entirely serious there, Mick. Still, I will pledge to use my influence with the producers of GQT to put Ramsgate on the bloomin' map!

Meanwhile, if any of you lot are bored rigid by my endless stream of nosh and gardening stories, you could always pop over to the excellent IsleOne and see what I think of the silly folkers!


ascu75 aka Don said...

Gardner's World must be pleased your not on their speed dial. Well spotted

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

At least someone is growing something that the control freaks would chop back. Pity they can't do some pruning at TDC

Anonymous said...

Evidently the person who periodically posts the single word 'Nob' as a comments is of limited vocabulary or should that be, in the modern idiom, is 'literarily challenged.'

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:57 must be 'literally challenged' to make such a comment. Any sentence should start with a capital and finish with a full stop, otherwise it could lose its meaning!

Anonymous said...

Interesting bit of useless and tasteless observation...nob backwards is Bon!!

Perhaps nob, is a typical Thanet chancer?

Anonymous said...


"Not bovvered"


Anonymous said...


Not bovvered not bovvered


Good good sweeties.


You ain't bovvered

Anonymous said...


He rate hisself innit

Anonymous said...


Stick it up your arse sideways

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! They've left the cage open again!

Lucy Mail said...

Well I ascu.
Being the author of the original 1:57 PM 'nob', one of many that have always succeeded the same blogger, I can tell you that it was intended as 'half of nobody'.

Though that may or may not be true!

And before anyone complains, I swapped a named anonymous identity for an unnamed one.
What's the difference? (Gawd, don't start me off on that!)

Love you really, Don. x

Anonymous said...

anon again!
does the tdc own a cherry-picker?
You know, one of those vans with the hydraulic basket at the rear.
If so, they could charge a little fee for clearing these aeronautic weeds at the house owner/tenants wish.

Although they might have some historic interest, those two derelict buildings behind the Turnip should ,I feel, be demolished. There is no need to redecorate them, and the grounds would make an ideal car park for turnip seekers.

Anonymous said...

I like it. It reassures me that when humans are extinct (quite soon now) nature will have no trouble reasserting itself over the inflated and self important structures we have built for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

I presume your Seroxat hasn't kicked in yet this morning 9:24.

Anonymous said...