Friday, August 20, 2010

Plane English

Knowing my, er, penchant for anything to do with the aviation industry, several readers have sent me these pics of the latest livery for Kulula, a low cost South African airline. As you can see, they've painted their plane with all sorts of jolly witticisms!

Ordinarily I'd bin this sort of thing in the sure knowledge that publishing it in the 'social meedja' would only cause moist gussets and trebles all round in some Soho 'creative' agency that charges a million pounds an hour for the pleasure of installing a pinball machine in its coffee area and retro, table top Space Invaders to rest the client's latte on. Fab.

But hey-ho, I'm in a generous mood today! I'll go as far as to say it's a shame Kulula don't fly into RAF Chas 'n' Dave Manston Tracey Emin Margate London Kent International Airport. After all, at only a few hundred feet above the old cliff top mansion, I'd at least get some interesting reading to distract me from the noise!


Anonymous said...

Green Blazer chep said :

Reminds me of when I was attending Ramsgate's premiere academy for the education of young gentlefolk.

We emblazoned (geddit ?) the jacket of a plump Clarendon (in my dreams) gal with a similar style of witticism "Child on Board".

Oh how we laughed we happy elite who aspired way beyond working for the council.

Anonymous said...

12:01 PM is a seriously witty chappy. Shame about the lack of originality though. Evidently not a product of the old school.

On the subject proper, enjoyed the Kulula plane markings. Understand their chief flight attendant on landing said to the disembarking pax "We hope you enjoyed giving us the business as much as we enjoyed taking you for a ride!"

Anonymous said...

Next time they come over hear we can all blow our vuvuzelas at them!!

Anonymous said...

I've got mine out and am at the ready!

My rabbit shop said...

They are just a fun budget airline from South Africa - used them lots when I lived there - the service is really great and there is almost always a party atmosphere when you enter their planes. They have fun advertising campaigns as well.