Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's The Crack?

Forget 2012! This piece of work from our beloved council looks as if it'll barely make it to 2010!

I hope our local, crusading biblio-bloke Michael Child doesn't mind me purloining the photo he took this morning of the, er, 'newly renovated' cliff face behind the Ramsgate Royal Sands (Pleasurama in old money) development.

After more than three years of 'temporary' Heras fencing, our crumbling East Cliff was tarted up only last year in readiness for the imminent construction of the long awaited, ribbed-rubber-roofed condominium, the plans of which famously show people's heads embedded in concrete, and no escape routes should the planets align (in accordance with some ancient Mayan myth), causing sea levels to rise 29,000 feet. Work on building the condom itself has just been delayed yet again until 2011, putting the Pleasurama eyesore in its 13th glorious year.

I mean, this new cliff face has only been up there a matter of 18 months, and it's already cracked to buggery! The flippin' Mayans (to continue the theme) managed to bung up stuff that's still there 2,000 years later! As council taxpayers, we forked out around a million sovs for this. Not to mention the millions the Thanet Reich has let the developer drop his bond by. If you ask me, it's the Cecil Square duffers who have dropped their Bonds and allowed themselves to be shafted right up the crack by whoever carried out this bloody atrocious cliff facelift!

And speaking of pants, yes I did hobble out to Westwood Vue to take in the new Roland Emmerich blockbuster 2012 last night, as you may have already guessed. In fact it was beyond pants, more like utter gusset. But then I thought the same of his other end of the world movies, Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow when I first saw them at the flicks. And d'you know what? Having now watched them both something like 23 times on ITV4, I'm almost coming around to liking them!

Click here for more cliff complaints and photos on Michael's blog


Tony Beachcomber said...

I think it is going to take a lot of polyfilla to sort that one out.

Anonymous said...


Richard Eastcliff said...

You're right 11:36pm. It is getting a bit late. I'm off to climb the wooden stairs to Bedfordshire and dream about pissing £1m of taxpayers' money up against a wall!

Anonymous said...

There's a hole in the corporate plan (or master plan) dear TDC, dear TDC,

There's a hole in the plan dear TDC, a hole.

So fix it dear Duffer, dear Duffer, dear Duffer
So fix it dear Duffer, dear Duffer, fix it.

With what shall I fix it, dear TDC, dear TDC,
With what shall I fix it, dear TDC, with what?

With a sale of assets dear Duffer, dear Duffer, dear Duffer,
Or with straw, dear Duffer, dear Duffer, with straw.

Paul Conyers-Silverthorn said...

I'm surprised that TDC hasn't papered over this crack yet before they have to sack all the paper pushers to help plug KCC's cash black hole.

As for 2012, you know you loved it, you big softee, and you'll rush out and buy the DVD the moment it comes out.

Anonymous said...

Its all over

Infratil is expected to draw a line under its fraught foray into the European airport market and possibly New Zealand Bus business as it refocuses on Australasian energy sectors and lines up to buy Shell New Zealand.

First NZ Capital head of research Rob Bode said New Zealand Bus had been a frustrating investment but was generating a pretty good return.

Given that Infratil had made it clear it did not want to raise new equity to fund its share of buying Shell in New Zealand, and wanted to keep debt levels down, everything but the core assets of Trustpower, Wellington Airport and Infratil Energy Australia "could be considered to be sold", he said.

Anonymous said...

8:46 is the straw poll you refer to the nightie flights consultation or duff TDC's ass sale?

Rear Ender