Thursday, November 19, 2009

France For 15 Nicker!

As Adem has already pointed out on his Big Blog, those splendid chaps at Eurotunnel are running a special promo to celebrate their 15th birthday! You can take the jalopy any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday from now until 17 December, and it'll only cost you three crisp fivers. What's more, you can be certain they'll be running! And, ahem, for the avoidance of any doubt, what I mean by that is, unlike the Dover ferries which were cancelled due to high winds yesterday, the Channel Tunnel is weatherproof.

They've also come up with 15 juicy facts for their 15th. For example, did you know they reduced their greenhouse gas emissions by 45% in 2008? Or that they've transported 35m vehicles since 1994, and 250m customers? And since the regs were relaxed in 2000, 475,000 happy pets have travelled with them. So go on, treat Rover to a day trip too. You never know, he might enjoy un poop sur la promenade!

Click here to go to Eurotunnel £15 promotion


Anonymous said...

Are you starting up a cross channel ferry service? Its not a good time with all these rough rough seas.
The daily mail has an offer with PO, dover -calais. You can take your car and up to nine people from just £15 and get a FREE bottle of wine to be collected onboard. How do you get 9in a mini? And £1 per foot passenger.

Not the normal £42 quoted by some companies.

to book:

search for dialymail offers or

Anonymous said...

It is the worst time of year to cross over - there used to be a bit of 'bump' end of November beginning December but with the crisis and the likes of ADSA offering 3 bottles of wine for a tenner and the prices at Eurotunnel terminal higher than ASDA what is the point ? Also I spotted cheap little bottles of French Beer/Lager.

Genuine travellers will still make the journey for their own purposes and pleasure. The rest is nonsense.

Sorry guys, even if Euroferries get started their chances of survival are very, very slim, no matter how good the proposed service is trying to be.

Someone suggested a traditional all weather ferry to Boulogne - that would be the better option, consistency. This week the fast thing would have been stuck in dock and Euroferries would be paying another operator to get their clients across - bet that wouldn't be at the best rates either.

Times are tough. Is there really room for a new kid on the block?

I love Eurotunnel.

Margate Teetotal said...

You lot are obsessed with booze.