Monday, November 09, 2009

Port Of Ramsgate - Latest Photos

One of my spies has been busy snapping away down at our lovely port at the weekend. Currently it doesn't look as if any preparations have been made for the Euroferries Ramsgate - Boulogne service which is due to start on Saturday. Still, a week is a long time in shipping, as they say (er, no they don't, actually)!


Anonymous said...

I thought their website was taking bookings for the 12th (Thursday) ?

I must check

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi ECR .. conscious of the company sensitivity and being supportive of your position on this I give my impression whilst being identifiable by the company.

I read a website written in present tense and featuring a booking system which has past dates available at first examination. All emphasising the impression that this company is established and operating.

I think their website at this time has a tendency to mislead. If persons were to part with money whilst of the impression a company has been operating for a period of time and is established ... then if the customer were to lose that money that would IMO be a matter for the police and not just a civil recovery action.

I hope the company does succeed but IMO their PR is lousy and it would not have hurt for them to get locals onside such as by full and frank engagement on blogs ?

Richard Eastcliff said...

Hi RC,

Yes, I too think that their website is a bit misleading in that respect.

Also, try as I might, I can't find any guarantees or such like on it either.

However, it does appear from what Adem is saying on his blog that the insurance they include might cover anyone who's already paid.

And it also seems, according to Dr Steve Ladyman MP, that the ticket money is not going into their account, but into an escrow account.

I could say a lot more, but best to leave that until after I've consulted with my wolf pack of media laywers, methinks!

Anonymous said...

I have bought tickets, and they reassure me that the money is being kept in escrow and will be returned if further delays occur. Essentially i support them however have always read your blog with interest and will continue too!

Isabelle said...

3:12pm - I admire your faith.

The likelihood of this now starting on the 14th is less than slim.

BE this evening is still in Santa Cruz, proposed 2/3 days to get up to Ramsgate, then all the approvals and trails to operate.

Didn't a very nice lady assure someone over the weekend that all was fine and that the vessel would arrive Monday or Tuesday.

Whatever problems they have encountered, they remain without the Bonanza and any rubber stamping that will be required.

I do hope that you get your money back.

Anonymous said...

Adem has received another sols letter, have you ?