Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Noises Off

New reader Lynn writes:

I have recently moved 'out of town' to the quiet (or so I thought) realms of North Foreland, only to hear what I would describe as a sonic boom every half an hour. What on earth is it? Any ideas?

Yours, baffled!

Well Lynn, we've had reports on this blog before of pile driving for the Thanet Offshore Wind fart farm causing this sort of disturbance, so it may be that. Or it could be those army wallahs letting a few big ones off at their Shoeburyness testing range across the Thames Estuary. If any of you lovely readers have any other thoughts, do pass them on.

Meanwhile, still on the theme of annoying noises, reader Millicent writes:

Is it just me or does anyone else hear a constant hum in Ramsgate at night? I remember someone else mentioning it a few months ago. For weeks I do not hear anything then suddenly it is back with a vengeance. It is driving me to distraction this week - all I want is a good night's sleep. And no I don't think I have tinnitus as I don't hear it when I sleep in hotels and elsewhere.

Well, I can't say I've heard a hum Laura. Smelt one down at our lovely Royal Harbour where the duffers can't be arsed to clear the icky detritus from the water, yes. But heard one? Nope. Anyone else having the same problem?


Anonymous said...

I think Lynn has been experiencing the Shoeburyness explosions, which have been particularly evident over the last couple of days.

Millicent, it seems, is particularly sensitive to Low Frequency noise which has troubled many all of the world for 20 years or more, myself included. The source, or sources, are still not known for sure, things like electricity substations, gas pipelines etc. being cited as possibilities. It doesn't help that doctors are so quick to point to tinnitus as the cause - it is quite different! Used to be an organisation called Low Frequency Noise Sufferers Association (LFNSA) - not sure if it is still going.

Tom B said...

Did a story on the Whitstable hum a few years ago, in about 2004.

Only women could hear it, it was very odd!
Never did get the bottom of it...

Other stories have been run though.



Anonymous said...

I heard something like that last night....first time for me though, it was very odd.