Monday, November 16, 2009

Alleged Corruption In Margate

With culture minister Margaret Hodge today dishing out the dosh to the Arsonists' Playground [Whatever happened to the £1.5m lottery funding that was meant to go on tarting up Ramsgate front? - Ed], I thought I'd apply the old ECR brain cell to finding out a bit of background.

Scouring the interbollocks, and eschewing Margate's most fatuous blog (as ever), I landed on the rival site Here, unlike its fatter namesake, you can read fearless investigative coverage of government grants being handed out willy-nilly, time-serving corrupt local politicians, bribery charges going back to the 80s, and planning permission for static caravan sites doled out on a favour basis. Oh yes, it's all there!

Only trouble is, this is Margate, Florida, USA! Kuh, talk about giving a dog a bad name!

Click here to
Click here to read about government dosh for Margate, Kent, UK
Click to read about the grant to Ramsgate which we've never seen

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