Monday, November 02, 2009

Countdown To Blast-Off!

by Isle of Thanet Gazunder Transport Editor Kat O'Moran

With the official start of the new Euroferries fast ferry service between Ramsgate and Boulogne just 12 days away, 100s of Thanetians have already booked and paid for their first trip [More fool them - Ed]! So to celebrate the new service, here's ten things you didn't know about Ramsgate and Boulogne!!!!!

1. Ramsgate has the only Royal Harbour in the UK!!!
2. Boulogne's full name, 'Boulogne-sur-mer', means 'Boulogne-on-sea'!!
3. The future Queen Victoria visited Ramsgate!!
4. Matilda of Boulogne was Queen of England from 1105-1152!!
5. Ramsgate was a favourite holiday destination of Karl Marx!!!
6. On 15 June 1944, the RAF bombed Boulogne Harbour to bits!!!
7. Ramsgate has more listed buildings than Bath!!!!
8. In 1905, Boulogne hosted the first ever Esperanto conference!!
9. Ramsgate is home to the only pinball museum in Britain!
10. Boulogne is home to Nausicaa, the French National Sea Centre!

[That's enough facts culled from Wikipedia - Ed]


Anonymous said...

I would like to correct some errors in your item.

I spoke to a very nice lady on the Euroferries customer service telephone number 0844 414 5355 this morning, who told me it was all going ahead on the 14th and that I 'should not believe what the bloggers are saying'.

She added that any bookings using credit or debit cards include complimentary travel insurance, so your money is guaranteed.

I would urge anyone who has doubts about the service starting on the 14th of November to give them a call. I found it very reassuring.

Anonymous said...

11. Ramsgate is the only town in the UK to have QC4 rated aircraft (jumbo 747's) allowed to overfly it during the night!!!!!!!

Or it will be if you don't sign the petition.

Richard Eastcliff said...

Do try and stick to the topic please!

Although I must say that blinkin' exec jet going over in training circles all day today is giving me the flippin' irits!

Old Sea Salt said...

How are they going to get the Bonanza Express from Tenerife to Ramsgate, then carry out the 12 test crossings they said they needed, in 12 days? As far as I am aware there are currently no preparations going on in the port of Ramsgate either.

Isabelle said...

Old Sea Salt, I have been told that the 12 return sailings can be done with passengers onboard. The pilot just gets on and off, this does slow down docking.

Normally some empty trials would be done before start of service for the Captain and crew to know the route, turning circle and docking etc.

If the trials were to start on 9th as being said in Boulogne gossip, then 4/5 days to get up here, and possibly two days to be painted down there, she should leave Santa Cruz today.

If that trial date isn't correct and for a couple of days later, means 4th to leave Santa Cruz.

It may be that the trial date has been altered as the new vessel for LD starts trial on the 9th full service from the 11th ...

Readit said...

Why did Bonanza move to another part of Santa Cruz port last monday?

Google maps show that area is more industrial, maybe she is being painted NOW!

I for one hope the new service succeeds, it can only be good for Ramsgate. and I will be booking a crossing before Christmas when it arrives.

Readit said...

The previous Spanish crew of Bonanza are unlikely to move the Ramsgate or Boulogne so if I was paying a new crew I would only get them started at the latest possible time for commencement of service.

Isabelle said...

Bonanza moved because there were three cruise ships where she was previously berthed.

There is a webcam that scans over her way from time to time as of today no sign of livery.

As for crew EF say it is partly crewed under the charter, I suppose they must have agreed to remain with the vessel for the initial charter probably six months.

Old Sea Salt said...

They are cutting it a bit fine for the 12th though I would say. I heard that they had to pay some advance fees before any works were carried out in Ramsgate too. Does anyone know if they have coughed up?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.23 Credit card protection under section 75 starts at goods purchased for £100 or more. So how many tickets will you need to buy to get protected? How much are people paying to go to Bolougne-sur-mer from Ramsgate when you can cross the chanel and back for £6 elsewhere?

Neptune Watcher said...

Anybody can sit at the end of a phone and be reassuring and very nice, but that doesn't mean that what they are saying is the truth!! Wonder where the phone is located - perhaps its in the kitchen of the registered office! Can't believe hundreds of people have been stupid enough to buy a ticket - at least Readit is waiting till it arrives (very unlikely).

Anybody in business knows the key to success is advertising your product. Surely there would be great big ads across the media in Kent and northern France, and billboards at both ports, yet there is nothing - that says it all!!

Anonymous said...

They don't have the funds to advertise, you and I are the advertising by keeping the nonsense going..... I telephoned the PR today, answerphone, I only wanted a date when BE will leave Santa Cruz.

When ER says hundreds he probably means six, then again make that two ! Mwah!!!!

Anonymous said...

Neptune Watcher, do you think it won't come ?

Neptune Watcher said...

Of course it won't come. If they haven't the funds to advertise, then they haven't the funds to run a service. What about the check in staff - where are they? They would need a bit of training. Any guesses on what the next set of excuses will be - probably blame us bloggers or Atlantic storms - reckon we are due a few more in the next week.

Anonymous said...

A few more Atlantic storms or bloggers?
God help us if it's the latter.

Anonymous said...

I agree - if they are due to arrive soon the very least you would expect is some sort of advertising around the town. Trouble is lots of the advertising hoardings have gone because the sites are being built on!

Readit said...

Of course it WILL come.
Father Christmas always comes this time of year.
Isabelle, are you EF PR? You seem to have your ear close to the ground.

Anonymous said...


Given that it was towed from one mooring to another - are the engines working?

Readit said...

WELL !!!!
According to thanetonline Bonanza is being repainted at the moment and leaves Tenerife at 20.00 on 6 Nov.
FATHER CHRISTMAS does exist!!!

WaveRyder said...

ReadIT, don't let yourself get too hyped up just yet!
I seem to remember a few months ago that they were reporting it was going to start in march, then all of the delays untill now. Have seen the pics and they don't seem photoshopped this time!