Friday, September 12, 2008

Sandy's Thanet Diary

Only in your super, soaraway Eastcliff Richard! Each week top Thanet politician Sandy Beach gives us his insight into the island!!!

Bloody 'ell! The fuckin' credit crunch has got evvrywun by the short an' bleedin' curlies!!!??? Unimploymen', bennyfits, meltdown, fuckin' tossers!! An' there's me wiv a fuckin' yacht an' five 'arses to support!!! Evvrywun's fucked off to Australia. Tie me kanger-fuckin'-roo darn!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's all the fault ov them flamin' China Gate whingers. Tossers. Wankers. Fuckin' tossers!!!! My mate Steve Ladyman's got the right idea!!! An' Roger!! In my face, yer friggin', whinin' bar stewards! In my chuffin' face!!!! Weev all agreed China Gate would be fuckin' kushti!!!?!??

So shut yer fuckin' pie holes yer leftie twats. We owe it to the young 'uns to maxermise oppertunities so that they can set art on life's jerney to 'elp acheeve their dreams an' asperations by 'andin' over their 'ard earned fer a luvvly bit of shagpile!!!!!??????!!!!!

That's enough diary - Ed.


Anonymous said...

How extra-ordinary that in the space of a week, 25,000 reasons Ladyboy, 12 berth new sailor 'Mowice'and now the other 'Woger' (Gale) in KM Extra are all saying what a wonderful project Tosser and Wills' 'get rich quick scheme' aka 'Gateway',is!
I wonder why they are all singing from the same hymn sheet? Is it courtesy of CGP? The perceptive will of course realise that the more desperate and hysterical they become to justify a poor over-crowded development for Gateway (Phase1)that disregards all logic in terms of threat to our aquifer and to the utterly unneccessary disturbance to the good people of Acol, the more the good people of Thanet will question their motives and integrity.
We have not forgotten the unseemly rush to accommodate CGP's timetable and bank loan from israel Discount Bank that the Latchford 'Woger' tried to achieve with a 'special' Full Council' that would have met last night!

They, all three, Ladyboy, Mowice and Gale, must think we and our Councillors are stupid if we cannot detect that something about the whole way Gateway is being promoted by them, utterly stinks. Go along tomorrow to Clarendon School and find out how The Local Plan is about to be changed so that Gateway Phases 2 , 3, 4 and 5 can be 'approved' because the Thanet Plan is about to be changed!

Anonymous said...

I thought that Roger Gale was a man of integrity! But it would appear that he has been bought off, the same way as 25000 Ladyman has been bought!

As for the local Council, I'm sure the police will want to know where Sandy's new yacht has come from!! A nice present from the nice Mr Wills apparantly!

Anonymous said...

This whole affair stinks as does TDC?

The morality of MP's who fail to investigate the details of Chinagate and just spout of the mantra of 'Jobs, Jobs, Jobs' just sums up the arrogant nature of politics these days.

Could it be argued that we now have dictatorship in Thanet?

Anonymous said...

I think that everyone should go and have a look at Planet - sorry Thanet Earth as yet only partially built to imagine the consequences of Gateway on our environment. The jobs argument doesn't add up. The employment opportunities that Thanet needs are jobs that offer the prospect of upskilling not mundane low paid manual warehousing which is all Gateway is going to offer.

Disgruntled said...

Have you only just noticed? A small clique have had this island sewn up for years - why else do you think things are in such a mess? What is even more incredible is that people keep voting for them. Abandon hope all ye who enter here.

Anonymous said...

See the Manston thread to understand why nothing changes in Thanet.

Anonymous said...

The whinging and blaming and doing eff all about things ... certainly that is a part of Thanet which never changes.

Anonymous said...

23.4% of children in Thanet have no working parent in their home. Of the 72,400 working age population, nearly 12,000 people are in receipt of benefit payments; just over 16% of the working population.

The latest NHS Thanet Health Profile report says men from the most deprived areas of Thanet have almost 10 years shorter life expectancy than those from the least deprived areas.

Only the most selfish or stupid of Thanet's sick and moranic society asbest represented by this website could wish to turn this application over, given all the safeguards in place.

Anonymous said...

How rude you are,7.27,about those who oppose Phase 1 of the self-styled China Gateway scheme cooked up by, I quote "a property company, not a developer" (Roger Gale MP writing in KM Extra). I know of many in receipt of benefits payments who are in low-paid employment, so what's your point? Are you trying to convey the impression we have 12,000 un-employed?

As your intemperate outburst indicates,there appears to be real concern that our democratically elected Councillors, might,just do what Ezekiel and Latchford amongst others like Wills and Prosser of CGP dread most, and that is ask CGP to go away and re-plan the whole application that is sub-standard, overcrowded and still fails to safeguard our aquifer (see Southern Water requirements about control of water flow off HGV and car parks).

How many times do you and others need to be told that promises about jobs for Thanet people are 'pie in the sky' and are NOT RELEVANT TO PLANNING CONSIDERATIONS! (sorry for caps). Buildings on land are a certainty; jobs are not. The only jobs Chinamex can guarranttee are 500+ Chinese 'key-workers' sent over to run operations as in all other Gateway Projects, world wide.

When Ezekiel writes in IOTG in Leader's View, "Things are looking a bit gloomy at the moment", I wonder if he is talking about his present circumstances? I,for one, jolly well hope so!

Anonymous said...

Michael - neither you nor I know whether or not jobs will result from the application.

But there is more chance of it happening if the councillors vote for the application, than if they do not.

And the 2,300 on jobs seekers allowance deserve a chance.

And yes, we need to turn around the deprivation that results in men in specific areas having 10 YEARS LESS LIFE EXPECTANCY than those in more afflent areas.

Or don't you care?

The council would not recommend acceptance of the scheme if it was going to pollute the water source and poison us all.

So are you a true socialist like me, or a champagne socialist like ECR, or an "I'm all right Jack" Tory like Bruce or the ex Ramsgate First turncoat?

Anonymous said...

2,300! Thats better. Now before we go covering Thanet farmland that is a 'national resource' (MAFF, 1995 to TDC) what about The Thames Array, KIA,Thanet Earth and Margate regeneration? Can you not see that Gateway is a permanent affliction to Thanet and will need to be monitored in 'perpetuity' in regards to our aquifer (Southern Water to TDC- 27 Jun 2008). Sorry mate, wrong place to put an Industrial estate. Do Ezekiel, Latchford and Ladyman have any credibility in this saga anymore? They are all doing a favour for effectively 2 guys who own two thirds of CGP, Wills and Prosser. Ladyman had his bung to political coffers of £25,000. Did Ezekiel and Latchford get any bungs other than a CGP paid trip to China?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Me? A champagne socialist? Why, if you'd ever bothered to read this blog regularly 8:59pm, you'd know that I can drink beer with the best of them!

Besides, I've always found the term rather curious, as it implies that once people have improved their lot (the very thing you are arguing for) they automatically disqualify themselves from being able to hold even the vaguest of lefty opinions.

More than that, it's adoption by the Daily Mail to describe any left winger caught with more than tuppence ha'penny in their pocket makes it more a tool of the right than the right on.

Anyway, I shall let it wash over me by opening a nice bottle of Krug later!

Anonymous said...

I can add to the jobs debate and relate some facts here. It's not clear if the figures relate to Phase 1 or all phases as it's been impossible to clarify the claims.

CGP talk about 1000 jobs that are 'direct', that is the people who work for the Chinese companies whoever they might be. What the company will not say is what they jobs will be other than some MAY be factory jobs while others MAY be warehousing but until the companies take up their slot we and they haven't a clue what will be on offer. Up to 10% will be for Chinese but, assuming immigration has no problem with this, experience elsewhere shows very few jobs go to locals in the end.

Now for the so-called 'indirect jobs'. Those are jobs for people employed by the companies supplying services to the Chinese companies on site. That is the signwriters for Chairman Hao's desk, alarmfitters, suppliers of office equipment, vending machine operators who have got a contract to supply confectionery to hungry HGV drivers and .....

Work it out for yourself. How long will the indirect jobs last beyond the initial building (and that won't be done by local firms)and the fitting-out? The grass-cutters, vending machine lessees and ....that's it.

The great jobs myth needs to be exposed for what it is but, as the planning process doesn't even consider that aspect, the company can put out these wild claims and know they won't come under scrutiny at the full council meeting.

Michael Child said...

8.59 If you were assuming that I was commenting anonymously, you are mistaken I don’t, what would be the point?

My argument against the current plans is that they are not buildable because they defy the laws of nature, to conform to the southern water discharge consents the entire layout of the site would have to be changed. I have been assured by Richard Samuel that were the developer to make the changes, after planning approval was granted, new plans would have to be submitted and the planning process start from the beginning again.

This same architect PRC submitted plans for Pleasurama that were unbuildable, these were approved by the council and the resulting mess has done considerable damage to Ramsgate’s economy.

Now if you can come up with some plausible explanation as to how the lorry parks surrounding the X type warehouses can be drained, without moving them to the other end of the site, then I am quite prepared to enter into a dialogue about jobs. But while the plans defy the laws of nature i.e. gravity what is the point in taking the discussion further?

Finally looking at the socialist government nationally at the moment I would be interested in your definition of a true socialist, or were you perhaps thinking in terms of Lenin or Marks?

Rick said...


Power to you.

It has happened before to some extent (and I am not just talking about the 1990s Sericol chemical contamination and threat to water table subject of current FOI application to TDC)

Back in 76 the Electricity Board opened a large complex ? And on their opening day I was in there with my tonka truck fixing tyres.

I asked a Board bod, who was flitting about with a camera, why their refuelling point was at the lowest point of fall on the site with no apparent drainage arrangements.

He was rather brusque and I decided not to kick his Thanet ar-e with so many witnesses about. But I wrote in to the guvnor. And I was right. When they checked the drainage arrangements they also found the overhead lighting was too low for some of their HGV's to get on to refuel.

So keep going.

I was loathe to mention this too much at the time because the ground works ganger, with a tendency not to sign off the dole when he was employed in the construction industry, was sort of my boss in my part time bouncing capacity .......

Rick said...

Just squinting at a fact and some of the cause and effect relationships claimed on this thread (We die sooner in Thanet cos we poor)

The improvements in public health claimed by the NHS are far more to do with the work of the drainage engineer.

Since there appears to be general agreement that TDC is a f-ck up. Why not consider that it could be environmmental f-ck ups that are killing off the population.

Either that or Darwin had a point after all.

Anonymous said...

Thanet water has had to be treated for years due to high nitrate levels. It has to be blended with water from other sources to meet the required standards.
The first effect of taking land out of agricultural production would be an improvement in water quality and less need for blending, due to the removal of the need to apply sprays and fertilisers.
Provided roof and drainage collection was correctly drained to soakaways there would be no loss to the aquifer. Just because water hits a roof or concrete it does not just bounce back into the sky!
The main issue is correct disposal of foul drainage by all users, local residents included.

Michael Child said...

2.34 The main issue is dealing with the runoff from the lorry parks that are on the lowest part of the site owned by the developers, the water from these has to go into balancing pools before it goes into soakaways.

The wildlife in the soakaways acts like a canary down a mine, if the fish in the pools die we know there has been a poison spillage in the lorry park and not to put it into the drinking water.

So the problem here is that water doesn’t run uphill, pumping it would be impractical, both because of the volume in a heavy downpour and because if the was a power cut the water would flow down the hill into the most sensitive part of the source protection zone.

You do I assume appreciate that Southern Water has said that no water from car and lorry parks can go directly into soakaways via interceptors.

To apply conditions to protect the water supply is the right and proper thing to do, however when those conditions mean that the development can’t be built to the existing layout then it seems ridiculous to pursue the matter without changing them before it comes to a decision.

At the moment the council will be asked to approve plans that couldn’t possibly be built surely you don’t consider this a right and proper situation.

Anonymous said...

Can you people not see that Thanet is dying? It desperately needs an ecomonic boost yet we have people like you trying to prevent this happening!! I bet 90% of you were not even born in Thanet and sold your house in London to retire here. Do you seriously think that you can compare Thanet to Brighton and believe Thanet can once again attract the level of tourism to support the local economy? You need to wake up and smell the coffee!!

When was the last time you drove along Northdown Road or Margate High Street? You should take a drive down there and see for your own eyes the visible decay instead of relying on Waitrose's home delivery service.

Take a look on the Internet at the amount of posts from people who have visited Thanet to rekindle childhood memories of family holidays and how dumbstruck they are at the change. Look at the Lido in Cliftonville, the difference from it's heydays of the 50's, 60's and 70's. The only way that Thanet could heal itself through tourism would be to become a Blackpool of the South or gambling centre through the establishment of casinos. I think this would be great for Thanet and breathe fresh life into this terminally ill locality and I am sure I am not alone.

If you continue to hold Thanet back you will find that one day you will have to visit the local Waitrose yourself as there will be no deliver drivers available. Can you face up to the prospect of doing your own gardening? Perhaps you relish the thought of your tranquil village hidden from the rest of England by a cabbage field forest as there will be no labour to harvest the cabbages that surround your hamlet. Cabbage Island, as it is known to many, has to adapt or die whether you accept this or not.

"We'll live and die in these towns" said...

Please come up with an alternative way of employing Thanet's unskilled workforce then. There seems to be alot of negative comments about an investment that makes perfect sense. Too many comfortable middle aged ladder kickers in Thanet wanting a peaceful retirement without, God forbid, the noise of those monstorous Aeroplane thingamy jigs, and industry about us!!!

Sorry, as much as Sandy is a back-hander taking prat, I honestly hope he gives the green light to ALL these schemes to drag Thanet out of the Tourism dream people cling so dearly to. To catch up with the likes of Brighton, Bournemouth, Newquay, etc the £millions that Thanet Council have failed to invest in the past 15 odd years would need to be found somewhere, now that's not going to happen.
Thanet is the laughing stock of the country.

Sandy keep giving those grren lights and accepting those yachts, because if it wasn't that caterpillar eyebrowed fraud it'd be another.

26, graduate forced to commute to London.....or take a Carers job in Thanet