Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Trouble On T'Cliff

Reader Kevin writes:

Late yesterday afternoon I thought I’d take a walk along the front between Westgate and Birchington as I don’t get up there much, and I fancied seeing how the rich live.

Lots of police there - three cars and a van, paramedics and an ambulance. The promenade below the cliffs was closed off and they were telling people not to go down there. I saw an ambulance leaving the lower promenade at high speed (lights and all). I would guess it was either a jumper, or an accidental fall.

Maybe one of the Birchington toffs got bad news on his Lehman Brothers shares?

This is the second report of a cliff top incident in the past few days. I wonder whether, in the interests of health and safety, the council will eventually be forced to sand down our cliffs into gentle slopes?


Anonymous said...

Oh! dear - at least there is some good news this week - Sam Eastwell is home and making a remarkable recovery!

Shinguard said...

I say let TDC build a 15ft steel fence all the way along the cliff top from Herne Bay to Cliffs End.

Another nice little earner for the fence erector and solves the problem of dog shit on the beach and cliff jumpers in one fell swoop.(sorry for the unintended pun ER)