Monday, September 08, 2008

Renaissance Man

Arts correspondent 'Brian Pseud of Broadstairs' has emailed me this painting by the artist Raphael. Dubbed 'The Vision of Ezekiel' and daubed in 1518, it's on show at the Pitti Palace in Florence. Brian writes:

Perhaps you can name and spot the protagonists. They seem to be riding on a large vulture, possibly Ken Wills? Is that Simon Moores under his left armpit ? I think the whole vision might have been the result of a dodgy scampi in a basket from a Thorley Tavern.

After a bit of research I've discovered that this is not the only 'Vision of Ezekiel'. A much more realistic and less fanciful representation of the current state of our local Tory leadership, by 16th century Italian engraver Giorgio Ghisi, hangs in the San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts:


Anonymous said... is possibly more accurate. You can even see Roger Latchford hovering over the corpses.

Rick said...

Pugin was a follower of the Tractarian movement ?

And he had a fellow Tractarian Revd Robert Hippisley of Stow on the Wold

Whose parishioners got the hump with him over his indifference to


the quality of their water supply

They hanged an effigy of the revd presumably to hasten his retirement.

Rick said...

I don't really know if he had Revd Hippisley ... I meant there was a fellow Tractarian, Hippisley

Anonymous said...

Looks like some dogs/terriers snapping at his heels.

Anonymous said...

Gadzooks! Seems like a lot of flak about! Even CGP are announcing the planning meeting of 9th October on share sites! Ken Wills promises further news after the 'meeting'. I wonder if it will be what they have been led to expect by Ezekiel, Latchford and Senior Officers at TDC?