Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Statement From Mr Richard Eastcliff

For years I've been banging on about the parlous state of our island nation. The time for banging has now ended, and the time for action has begun. Egged on by my small but influential band of supporters, I've been persuaded to stand up and have my votes counted.

As of today, I will be out on the streets campaigning for my new party, Eastcliff Richard First. My aim will be to represent myself at both the local and national level, with a view to earning a terrific salary and shed loads of expenses your trust and support. Organising and funding a new party will not be easy. This is not a job for a novice. Which is why I have entrusted the important job of Treasurer to my long-standing associate and accountant, Cyril.

If you believe in a fair society, a society that treats all millionaires as equals, I urge you to rally to my cause. Please send your donations to:

Eastcliff Richard First
PO Box 99
Dutch Antilles

Please make cheques payable to Campaign And Support Holdings or C.A.S.H. (Please note: minimum donation from local developers £25,000).


Kate Jackson said...

Where do I sign the dotted line - wow finally a party i can trust in....

Duped again, or has the Thanet Factor gotten to me so much that I am willing to follow like a sheep to the slaughter.

Anyway I have an interesting story (tale of woe) about our street cleaning opperatives if you wish to hear it lol.

Nethercourt said...

At last! A politician who's upfront about his dealings! I only wish I could afford to nail me colours to the mast of your undoubtedly sumptuous yacht sir......
But alas, an examination of the family piggy bank reveals a slight shortage of the necessary :(
However, in order to aid your cause I have exercised 'the pack' across the Rose Farm estate to ensure it's brownfield status ready for the move's ahead by those who will be falling over themselves to ensure your appointment to the 'Fanet Mafia' ;)

Anonymous said...

Vote for our Eastcliff has a certain ring to it, don't you think?