Monday, September 22, 2008

G'Day Mate!

As if the Millionaires' Playground didn't already have a full complement of media celebrities (me), my spies report that chisel-jawed Aussie presenter Aaron Heslehurst has just relocated to Ramsgate. Aaron can be seen in the early hours on BBC World talking (in Strine of course) about suity stuff.

We'll soon be positively awash with Antipododians and creative types at this rate. And with RAF London Kent Ramsgate Manston International Airport in, er, terminal decline (geddit?!?!!), and coming under even more pressure from the Mayor of London's proposed new Boris Island, there's half a chance they might find it pleasant enough to stay here for a bit!


Anonymous said...

He is so phoney and over the top - perhaps he should stand as a candidate at the next council elections for the Fart Farm Party?

Lucy Mail said...

Shame it couldn't be Rolf Harris. I'd love to have the chance to find out exactly what it was that inspired 'Jake The Peg'.

Anonymous said...

A word of warning Richard!
Don't reveal your id to any councillors or mps otherwise you will be forced to offer grovelling apologies too.
What has happened to free speech - where is Northdown Coach museum - anyone seen it? Or is it another museum closed down, oops think it never opened!

Eastcliff Richard said...

I always apologise or clarify where it's due. I can think of several occasions in the past three years where that's happened. All people have to do is email me and I will consider the merit of their complaint and if necessary publish their point of view.

Strange, though, that I have only ever received such a request from a politician on one occasion. I guess they operate under the dictum that if they ignore me I might go away. But as regular readers know - you can't get rid of me that easily!