Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Writing's On The Window For Council

Tooling around the grubby back streets here in the Millionaires' Playground last night, on my way to an assignation with one of our lovely local authors, I spotted this notice in the window of a derelict shop:

Further along, I happened to glance over the cliff at the Pleasurama aka Royal Sands development:

Pants definitely pulled down, but not much rogering going on!


Michael Child said...

Richard I am annoyed about the inaction on Pleasurama as I tried to get some leisure and parking use for the site this summer, I was repeatedly told that work would start imminently and that the site would be too dangerous, as you know nothing happened there all summer.

There is also some doubt that the money that has to be deposited as a guarantee before work can begin has actually materialised.

Peter Checksfield said...

Meanwhile, in Margate:


Anonymous said...

But who do you complain to? The Council has visibly failed to do what is best for the town. They sold the site to an anonymous buyer for a knockdown price and refused better offers from people who were prepared to be named. They chose a scheme involving only flats over a scheme that offered to construct various things for the benefit of the community. They have spent public money shoring up the cliff-face to allow the development to go ahead instead of building this into the development process. Yet the Ombudsman sits on his hands and our Member of Parliament is silent. It would appear that inaction, dereliction and decay is permissible and acceptable and that the establishment rewards those who promote this course.