Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fannit Under Fret

In my capacity as Professor of Seasideology at the Ramsgate Institute of Coastscape Studies, I've been giving a lot of thought to the way forward for our septic isle. Also I haven't had a job for weeks, so it passes the time.

Now, do we really want our lovely lump of chalk concreted over willy-nilly under the battle cry 'JOBS!'? It ain't necessarily so. Sheringham, a quaint seaside town in Norfolk, finally saw off a Tesco mega-barn yesterday after their district council opposed the development and stood up to the retailer that accounts for one in every eight pounds spent in this country. The planning inspector said: 'While the store would have some benefits for the town, they were outweighed by irreparable damage it could do to existing traders and the character of the lively resort.' Sound familiar?

On the other side of the coin, idle hands generally make friends with Mr Swan and Mr Vesta. It never ceases to amaze me how easily things burst into flames in towns that are surrounded by water! Only today, Fleetwood's historic pier went up in a suspected arson attack after being bought recently by a businessman who wanted to turn it into flats, against the wishes of the locals. Sound familiar?

Maybe there's a third way. Maybe a strong council, which put our coastal, rural and built environment top of its list, and stood up for sustainable and sympathetic development to create jobs, would get your electoral juices flowing. That's why, dear reader, I've added another of my 7 day polls to the sidebar on the right!

Click here to read Sheringham story in North Norfolk News

Click here to read Fleetwood Pier story on BBC website


Anonymous said...

Unless some new blood joins the council preferably as independants it is hard to see things changing. As a relative newcomer( four years) it seems clear apathy and corruption do more than anything else to decide Thanets future.

The last local election staggered me as there was no campaigning or leafleting so we had no idea what anyone stood for. There seemed to be the view that the mediocre bunch of councillors currently deciding the policy for Thanet had some God given right to go forever.

I do not know when the next election is but it would be great to put forward several candidates and give the present incumbents a run for their money. At least some DFLs who are used to normal local authorities who try improve their environment , and might be a little less ground down by the buffoons and crooks currently running the council.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but Sheringham is a quaint attractive seaside town which attracts visitors from all over the country.

The comparison to Thanet isn't immediately apparent.

Lizzie said...

My prediction.... now DV8 has closed it will soon be a victim (once again) of Messrs Swan and Vesta. Combination of insurance payouts and detrimental effect of new regulations which mean empty business premises owners have to pay 100% rates. It will happen within 6 month I reckon. Hoses at the ready!

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, so does Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate, 8.34.

The basic issue is now 'over-development'. Westwood Cross; 1000 homes at Westwood Cross; Eurokent; Plans for Airport; Thanet Earth and now China Gateway. Thanet residents and Councillors are now aware of what Thanet Earth means and they ony have 3 out of 7 Glasshouses up so far! We are about to walk blindly into a similar scheme at Manston called China Gateway so that a developer can turn a speculative little deal (using borrowed money) into a big earner with the compliance and support from our MPs and TDC. The only people who can stop this now are OUR COUNCILLORS. CGP neither has the background (formed in 2006 and using borrowed money) experience or expertise but most importantly the desire to 'oversee' the project. Once Planning consent has been gained for Phase 1 and then 2 and 3, CGP will sell. Go and read their own literature; the speciality of CGP is obtaining Planning Consents and then turning this into a massive return for shareholders. So we get Chinamex or who running this development whilst Wills and Prosser (they hold 66% of CGP shares) disappear off stage left. Wake up to the reality of what covering our farmland in concrete and glass houses is about. Its not about job creation, the biggest myth since the Turner Centre!

Anonymous said...

The people who can stop these developments are (is?) US!
We need a demo or two outside TDC offices to get on the local news and embarass the Council into a rethink.

Anonymous said...

The post of 09:01 is good very good. A nice little bedtime story is the CGP AIM listing document.

I read that one of the Shareholders listed is the consultants PRC?

Would i be right in saying the EA allowed a report to be presented by a shareholder regarding our water resources which will now be fast dwindling?

The water rates are going to fly up because of the CGP and Thanet earth schemes.