Wednesday, September 10, 2008

China Gateway Meeting

Last night's public meeting in Broadstairs to discuss the proposed China Gateway development was apparently jam packed. According to the organisers 'not one person was in favour of the development', with the mood 'angry' and 'for direct action, for protest'.

An account is now running on the BBC News website. For a personal take, including how a, er, larger gent can barge his way to the front of a packed hall, see Tony Flaig's Bignews Margate.


Matt B said...

The Beeb picked up on that quickly enough. Did they get a reporter in to that meeting?

Eastcliff Richard said...

I think they invited film maker Norman Thomas, who chaired the meeting, onto the Radio Kent breakfast show this morning. I don't think they did anything as conscientious as send a reporter!

By the way, is it de rigeur to be a 'film maker' in order to rabble rouse these days? I think we should be told!

Anonymous said...

There were reporters from who, in fact, interviewed me and a couple of others, plus Thom Morris from IOTG and Tom Betts from YourThanet. Impression was a great number of people feeling angry and ill-informed prior to the meeting. Three TDC councillors present to gauge the mood, perhaps, and a great number of people who left ready to storm the ramparts. Long live the revolution!!

Anonymous said...

" Mr Thomas said not one person at the event was in favour of the development, "

DUH! it was a protest meeting, if someone organised a support meeting you probably wouldnt find anyone against it.

Anonymous said...

Tongue and Thomas achieved ? Zilch

They are on the Sandy, Roger and Ken roadshow now.

Having got nowhere with their Jimmy and Frank one.

Anonymous said...

Saw Mr Thomas and Steve Ladyboy on BBC Newsroom South-east tonight

tony flaig bignews said...

As you know I am a prolific film maker myself and yes also a bit of a rabble rouser.

Still waiting for a revue of "middle aged git goes off on one in Northdown Park"

Its not easy to work yourself up into a frenzy of emotional argument, and then state your case so eloquently.

Anonymous said...

Ladyboy is certainly providing 'good value' for CGP and his mate Ken Wills. An article in IOTG last week and now a 10 sec blurb on BBC South East. His support of this project has been morally compromised and he fails to realise it. No one can guarrantee jobs for Thanet's un-employed on this project and he knows it. As the existing blot on the landscape in the area and visible from Manston, Thanet Earth, reaches 3 glasshouses out of 7, go and find out who is building it (Dutch workers); who is driving loads in in HGVs (Polish HGVs); who is supplying glass (Australia)and who will be working in the 500 jobs to come on stream? Not the unemployed in Thanet. With the farce of Thanet Earth available to Councillors, will they really believe that anothe blot on the landscape will be worth 1000 jobs locally as Steve Ladyboy claims? Do they still really belive in 'The Tooth Fairy'? I give them more credit than 25,000 reasons Ladyboy.

Anonymous said...

Good post 9.43. Really well put. Highlights the farcical crud TDC and Ladyboy are putting out.
Tony, I thought your rant about Northdown House was brilliant and heartfelt. The bit about Margate Library was spot on too. I was in there Tuesday when a major ruckus broke out upstairs. The so called security did nothing and it seemed to be left to the poor library ladies to deal with the situation.
That place is getting worse. I may take my custom elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Try Cliftonville Library. They have very nice, helpful staff there and no problem parking if you've come by car.

Only downside is they are closed on Wednesdays and open 10a.m. to 2p.m. on Saturdays.

Anonymous said...

Cllr Wells and Cllr Moores were at the meeting. Looking for some ammo?

Anonymous said...

I am not suprised that Cllr Moores was at the meeting. Apparantly after the planning meeting, the ever so gentile Old Big Ed Latchford called the Tory Councillors who voted against, Scabs!

A nice term of endearment for one's fellow party members!

Just shows how much Latchford and co have to lose!