Monday, December 04, 2006

Road Rage

Call me a boring old sausage, but really!

As you all know, I am by nature a kind-hearted, warm and generous soul, but when my daily quota of helping frail old ladies cross the road rises to double digits, even my relatively cool claret begins to boil!

We're told that the current roadworks on Victoria Parade, causing cars to back up as far as Eastbourne, are aimed at enhancing road safety, and about time too. What it really needs, though, is a pedestrian crossing, but by the time we get one I'll be a frail old man being helped across the road by (hopefully) charming and attractive young ladies.

Meanwhile the measures that have already been taken to lessen the dangers at the junctions that lead off Victoria Parade, like these double yellow lines, aren't being enforced. I can't remember ever seeing a traffic warden, or indeed any no parking signs, so naturally people can, and will, get away with it. Is anyone at Kent Highways listening? Or are they too busy fancifying Tunbridge Wells?

By the way, I've disguised the vehicle in the photo as I have absolutely no desire to be dubbed a copper's nark, and besides, it's not his/her fault anyway.

On second thoughts, maybe I'll make one of those number plates for the TT!


Eastcliff Richard said...

You're a boring old sausage.

Thought I'd get in with that before anyone else does.

Dane Valley Ted said...

Getting your sausage in! must be a change from the norm

Snailspace said...

Double yellows are Thanet District Gestapo enforced, or not as the case may be.
They just paint them on Kent's Highways.
Not a lot of people know that.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Aha - so it's the Uranians who are letting the side down! Thanks for the tip-off Snailie!

Must be KCC's decision as to whether to install a crossing though?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

You are SOOOOOOOOOOO lucky living in Planet Fannit.

Try living in LOndon, or at least trying to park your car there.

Total nightmare.

Lucy Mail said...

Nothing wrong with a boring sausage! Oh, unless you're a lesbian, that is!

Disgusted Tunbridge Wells said...

Fancifying Tunbridge Wells?

Where have you been in the blogspere for the last 12 months ;-) Not only are we a haven for such parking, but add a few other nice tricks like on pavement and developers using anything as a loading bay....

Tunbridge Wells is becoming or may already be the Grot Spot capital of Kent :-(


Lucy Mail said...

You could always find yourself a lovely little island to live on!